Xtream editor wont load onto box


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Its a 32gb Usb so i would've thought so, no?

Went to fire the box up today to have another shot at it and it keeps on switching itself off once it gets to the Grogbuild image. My luck is well & truly out with this thing.
Try a different psu


Happy New Year all.

To update on this. Sent the box back to the supplier. Grogbuild was software crashing the box so they reflashed it with Open ATV 6.3 for me and sent it back. Putty has started working again, so Ive been able to put XE plugin on the box and get my suppliers line working. Problem I'm having now (which I was having before) is that his EPG's won't import. The bouquets imported fine last night, I have all his channels, but his EPG's won't import. When I try to import the Epg, the error screen 'picon path do not exist' & then 'workspace do not exist' pop up. This now also happens when I try to import the bouquets, however they imported fine last night. Have tried saving to the box and to the initialised USB stick but keep getting the picon/Workspace error screen. My supplier is stumped as to what the problem is.

Anyone able to help on this?