Zgemma H2H Hard drive / memory stick


Hi peeps,

I want to get a hard drive or memory stick for my H2H (long overdue).

Manual don't specify any requirements related to hard drive. Next to rear usb port there is only "USB 5V DC 0.5A Max".

Does anyone knows answers to any questions below?

1 Does H2H support USB3.0, or it's only 2.0? USB 2.0 should output 0.5A, but USB 3.0 outputs 0.9A. So I assume it's USB 2.0.
2 How much space you require per hour of recording?
3 Is there an upper storage limit that Zgemma H2H can support? Will it support for example 2TB drive?
4 How do you find out how much power a hard drive require? Usually they just state "USB powered"?
5 Will USB 3.0 Hard drive work fine with H2H?
6 Does anyone have a HDD recommendation for H2H?

1. I generally used usb2 sticks but my hdd is USB3 and I'm sure I had it on my H2S before I replaced the box (my memory is not as good as it used to be).
2, It depends on what you are recording, I have episodes of casualty on my box, recorded on cable in SD and they are taking about 1.7gb each, HD recordings take a lot more space
3. I've used a 1TB on my boxes without an issue
4 & 5 as #1
6. I use a Toshiba Canvio Basics 1tb. I use it on my VU+ but am sure I had it on my H2S/H2H before.
1 - USB 2.0 only, USB 3 devices will work but only at USB 2.0 standards

2 - About 2gb SD and 5gb HD

3 - 1tb is common but I'm pretty sure 2tb is fine. I record to a 16tb NAS.

4 - between 0.2 resting and up to 0.5 when working

5 - Yes, as in number 1

6 - Toshiba Canvio are popular