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  1. S

    Satellite H7s Hdd keeps running up

    Hi Had the H7s for just over a month and love it. Running whooshbuild infinity. And have a hdd installed internally. The hdd seems to run up every few minutes, even when just watching tv. I thought it could have been epg related but this only runs once in the morning and the issue happens when...
  2. N

    Maximise Linux Receiver - Newbie

    Current setup: OS Mega with vix. Picons & some skins installed. IPTV installed. 500 gb hdd Issue with boutiques randomly moving around - thinks its because of the ITPV - no idea how to check thou. Is there anything else i can do to maximize this box? I'm delighted with it in fairness, just...
  3. A

    Zgemma H2H Hard drive / memory stick

    Hi peeps, I want to get a hard drive or memory stick for my H2H (long overdue). Manual don't specify any requirements related to hard drive. Next to rear usb port there is only "USB 5V DC 0.5A Max". Does anyone knows answers to any questions below? 1 Does H2H support USB3.0, or it's only...
  4. dsayers2014

    PS4 Update ps4 hard drive.

    I haven't used my ps4 for about a year now due to loosing pad I've brought a new one today but now I have loads of updates and it's complaining about not enough space. Can anyone recommend a cheap harddrive preferably around 1tb? I've seen...
  5. W

    Hard Drive access with password

    Hi Been searching the net but can't fine a solution. I want to map my zgemma hdd to my pc but I assume that because it has a password on the box windows cant get access to it. I have done this before without the password but I need the password for openwebif and streaming. Does anyone know...
  6. Buckham_uk

    Freesat box

    Looking for freesat box. Must have internal HDD (ideally500gb)
  7. W

    Box crashing mid playback of a recording

    when i fast forward a recoridng the box seems to crash got a h5.2tc with 500gb running grogs build any ideas?
  8. channelking

    TM Nano 3T HDD screws

    Hi guys Hope some one can help me. So my old HDD always used to mess up when box crashed with the dreaded spinning circle at the top and corrupted the HDD when I turned off the from back and turned back on. Was told to use putty to restart without turning from the back of the box but...
  9. L

    Accessing HDD via SAMBA on LG SMART TV

    Hi Guys I have searched the forums, but cant seem to find an answer as to whether you can access recorded content off the HDD on a zgemma h5.2c running wooshbuild 7. I have samba enabled, but when i browse to the DLNA share on the LG tv, no files are showing up. Am i barking up the wrong tree...
  10. Tractorboy81

    Recording Issue Miraclebox Micro

    Hi Wondering if anyone can help. Only been at this since earlier in the year and used Bees set up guide to originally set up a miracle box micro (openvix) with an external hard drive and line on VM. All working really well then I took the plunge to reflash with the latest Openvix 5.1. In all...
  11. W

    Setting up hdd

    hi had to re initialise and mount my hdd when i click file list now i have many directories rather than the typical one where recordings are and trash like before. There is a timeshift movie iptv cache and a few other directories can anyone help me solve this thanks Running vix on a h5.2tc btw
  12. W

    Hdd keeps disconnecting

    my hdd keeps disconnecting can be watching a recording and it just stops press file list and no hdd, restart the box and it finds hdd? Any ideas
  13. S

    3.5 SATA HDD connected using USB + AC power.

    Hi guys, I have just swapped a mate over from his old VU Duo box to a zgemma h5.2tc box so he can now use cable. Anyway, I took his 500gb HDD out of the VU and tried connecting it to his zgemma box via USB to Sata cable, with separate AC connector to power the drive. However, the box didn't...
  14. S

    2nd box image flashing

    hi, tried searching but still struggling.... ive done a full backup of my main box and want to flash this onto another box. i have the 3 folders, backupstick, fullbackup, and zgemma folders. ive renamed the noforce files in bothe the fullbackup and zgemma folders, yet when i try to flash i...
  15. H

    External Hard Drive - Use for recording & movie play back (& media centre plugin)

    Hi As the title suggests, is this possible? I have recently bought a H5.2tc So I have a database of movies and want to use 500Gb of the hard drive to play movies from here and the other 500Gb for recording. What I have found so far is that after initialising, you're effectively formatting the...
  16. 8valia

    Sky sports HD on vm line not working

    Hi guys, I am getting a blank screen on all sly sports HD channels but Beetee sports HD works. Any idea what's going on ? This is on even a sly line but a vermin line
  17. Carcosa

    micro SD card

    Hey folks! Just a little ask if you please. As the H5.2S can take the aforementioned card, does anyone have any pointers as to what class and particular brand of card to use or is generic gear the way to go? Am probably going to try run the main HDD for recordings and such like and the sd card...
  18. Carcosa

    H5.2S and HDD question...

    Hi everyone, hope we are collectively well. Got one of these boxes winging it's way to me soon. Just wanted to know if I can plug in my existing HDD from my old Cloud iBox and go from there without losing the plethora of content that the drive holds...I am aware of the initialisation process and...
  19. M

    Technomate TM-Nano-SE M2 - hard drive v USB

    Hi I take it that it is possible to record onto a USB drive rather than a HDD I understand that if you install a HDD then you can put the fan on. Does anyone know if you HAVE to use the fan? I am concerned about noise. In my PC I have my HDD inside an enclosure to keep the noise down and it...