Zgemma H5.2tc Black Screen?


Hi all,

We've had a Zgemma H5.2tc setup for some time and it's been working perfectly. The receiver was stored on a TV cabinet when the shelf collapsed. I picked the shelf up quickly but since then (or we think) it simply displays a black screen. The HDMI must be working to some degree as the TV picks up a signal and changes from it's 'No signal input detected' to the black screen.

I tried re-flashing (like I thought that would help but to rule it out). There doesn't seem to be any damage to the HDMI port - doesn't look bent or snapped. I've tried numerous HDMI cables to no avail.

I vaguely remember I should have 24 months warranty but the seller has been removed from eBay and so I'm just assuming there's no warranty to be had. Is it a case of opening it up?
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Does the box still boot up properly, ie numbers on led count from 0 to 99 ? and then does the LED show the current time properly?

When the box is booting up do you see anything at that point on the screen?

If in a web browser on your computer you enter the url http://zgemmah52tc does openwebif load up? if so first click on on switch in top right corner (if not already on) and then on the left you should see a 'grab screenshot' link, click on that. What does the screen shot show, a blank screen or a picture?


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I had an issue with a hdmi not fully inserted as i got a no signal on tv ,powered off box and gave it a harder push in and heard the click of cable lock and picture resumed.


You could have damaged the HDMI which wouldn't be covered by warranty anyway. Try the WebIF as suggested or even try the standard Video out phono connection.