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Zgemma h9s Dead-Bricked


not on it depends on the price of the grilled component
SURE on without going through a store but an enthusiast Passion people
I know a 4 YEARS ago that I sold micro solder component network on demo sat so he took me cheap and I paid him the Return postage
is not to exceed 50% of the price
there it took the lightning by the satelitte cable since the alientation was protected


I make fullback up and tray flash with this !All is gone ok!After 4 min.Is zgemma restart and not alive again!Only white light!I try contact with factory about bootloader and instruction have-have!But not successful.Zgemma h9s is great reciver!Kodi work fantastic,udpxy too..Iptv super!But now is dead!

i have exact same issue with my H9S how did you fix it in simple terms as im new to this? i cant flash as nothing works, just a white light and thats it? please help?


I also had the problem that the box does not start, leaving only the light / logo white.
I tried to flash a new image with a USB stick by placing it on the USB 3.0 port and it never worked. I decided to switch to port 2.0 and work on the first try.
I hope it helps others in the same situation.