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Channel List for SkyBox F5S

Discussion in 'Skybox F3 - F5 - F6' started by Anny02, Oct 23, 2013.

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  1. Anny02

    Anny02 Member

    Hi, just new to ur form. Looking to download latest file for Skybox F5 Channel list. Any help would.
  2. columbus

    columbus Member

    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
  3. harry44

    harry44 Member

    i cannot download it...its saying access restricted?????
  4. mmgulzar

    mmgulzar Member

    can I get a channel list with same channle order/numbers as actual sky.

    please pm me where I can download it from.
  5. jonto

    jonto Member

    Hello , just bought a brand new box today and would like to know if tonight boxing will be on $$$$$ no channel list as cannot download file as yet ! Any advice on this amazing new kit seems to be on this forum. Wish I came here sooner .
  6. dan-ger-ous

    dan-ger-ous VIP Member

    This is the latest update list now:

    AJ's Openbox/Skybox List 14-12-13 - Downloads - TechKings

    (Guys, there really is a lot more to this forum than just posting a link for the sake of getting access to the downloads, there are tons of useful discussion to take part in with the Skybox)
  7. geopolo

    geopolo Member


    new skybox for me..installing the satellite tomorrow..
    hopefully it will all be easy to set up - if you know of any newbies guides let me know please :)
  8. leepo01

    leepo01 Member

    Hi fellas, I have just got a skybox too. Can anyone point me in the right direction how go get it loaded wigh the fjl sky package etc. I would apprdciate anh help.
  9. hellraiser11

    hellraiser11 Member

  10. mrclixby

    mrclixby Member

    Thanks for the info

    Great info on the site, thanks guys
  11. GaryChen

    GaryChen Member


    Excellent help guys. thank you for the privilege.
  12. jubz91

    jubz91 Member

    Just bought a new f3 box? Any good???

    Hi everyone, I just bought a new skybox f3 box. im a noob at this so I have a few questions.

    how do I get channels from around the globe on it??

    and how does the firmware installation work? is it hard? keep in mind i have no idea what i am doing lol


    thanks in advance
  13. AlanRod

    AlanRod Member

    Does this included the new al jazeera sports channels?
  14. gazb50

    gazb50 Member

    looking for this for ages thanks
  15. bazfresh

    bazfresh Member

    thanks !!!!!
  16. Cude230

    Cude230 Member

    Thanks for this :)
  17. MadMaujta

    MadMaujta Member

    Just checking

    Hi Guys,
    New to the Skybox world... some of the channels seem to be buffering and sometimes I see the scrambled message, moving to another channel and then returning to the original channel solves the 'Scrambled' issues but not the image quality.
    Would an update channel list solve my issues??
  18. bjprotech

    bjprotech Member

    Hello everyone am trying to download channel list for skybox f5 can someone help me please
  19. liqu1d5nake

    liqu1d5nake Member

  20. jogocrazy

    jogocrazy Member

    Cheers guys
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