1. Prim@l

    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD - £32.93 @ QVC

    Edit: try code REF10N for £10 off! Bargain! Try code: FIVE4U OR :)
  2. Dar1437

    GPU's bricked by Amazon's New World

    Warning: Amazon’s ‘New World’ Is Bricking A Specific Type Of GPU
  3. M

    Firestick downloader app removed missing

    Have amazon removed downloader app.? Mines is still there but i want to buy a 4k stick, will be not be available on new sticks? If so is there an alternative?
  4. T

    Amazon 4k Fire Stick Ethernet Adaptor

    I need an ethernet adapter for a direct network connection as the WiFi is a little flakey. Anyone advise the best one to get? I've seen cheap one's on eBay for £6 but not sure how good these are? I've also seen the original Amazon one for £15 and a Ugreen one for the same sort of price. I...
  5. HiTecK

    4 Months Amazon Music/Unlimited for £0.99 - limited time

    Limited time only: 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for £0.99 Click banner for details -
  6. T

    Amazon 4k Firestick Replacement Remote Control

    Hey guys, I will be getting an amazon 4k firestick, however would like to have the color options on the remote eg blue, red, green, yellow as I can easily navigate through the bouquets easier by using these shortcut buttons. I know on the standard Amazon Firestick remote controller the color...
  7. HiTecK

    Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - £22.00 Early Prime Day deal. Need a Prime trial - Amazon Prime
  8. HiTecK

    All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Currently £29.99

    At the time of posting this - Reduced to £29.99 for Easter -
  9. HiTecK

    Fire TV Stick with all-new Alexa Voice Remote £24.99 Prime members

    Prime members have a reduction on this for today £24.99 when you checkout.
  10. HiTecK

    All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal Fabric

    BLACK FRIDAY SALES 50% OFF ALSO - Buy an Echo and get 3 months free Amazon Music Unlimited.
  11. HiTecK

    Black Firday Sales Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) – Smart Speaker with Alexa

    You Save: £30.00 (60% off) BARGAIN.
  12. celldweller

    Best tablet

    Hi all What is currently the best tablet to buy? I am considering a Amazon fire tablet 10HD but there doesn't seem to be much difference compared to the 8. Considered an iPad mini but don't think I'd get full use of it. Would like something that is easy to use, reliable and potentially...
  13. celldweller

    Gadget recommendations

    I have recently purchased a projector from Amazon (link: and have only tried it on the ceiling as I haven't had time to truly test it, but it has a fantastic picture from what I have seen so far. The projector only costs £49.99 and will worth it. Any other cheap...
  14. B

    IPTV - Amazon Fire Sticks

    Does anybody know if you can run IPTV on the Amazon Fire Sticks with a complete EPG? As looking to get rid of kodi and possibly run a app that might do all of the above? Cheers
  15. D

    Changing IPTV provider (Smart IPTV)

    I obtained a sub for IPTV earlier this week just to try it out really and run it through Smart IPTV on a FireTV. The problem is that the provider's service is a bit crap. The channels that are on there work mostly, including the HD ones, but there are no channel groups, some channels are...
  16. D

    Smart IPTV remote app for FireTV/Kodi box

    Does anyone know of a Smart IPTV remote app that can work with the FireTV? The standard remote and Android remote app both work however they only have limited buttons.
  17. W

    Kodi VPN

    hi, what's the best and easiest VPN to setup on a amazon firestick with kodi on it? Cheers.
  18. A

    Amazon Echo with Broadlink RM Pro

    Amazon alexa controlling RF plugs and tv / zgemma box
  19. mike123

    A Simple Guide To IPTV

    A Simple Guide To IPTV Hardware Requirements Unlike Sat or Cable the hardware is quite cheap to buy. An example of stuff to buy. · MX box if you want a wired connection. · Mag box · Amazon Firestick · You can use your Enigma 2 sat box, although they are not very...
  20. I

    Time to move on to IPTV

    Hi All At the moment i have a zgemma 2s box. Reading on here look as thou all the skys channels are going. I don't watch much sky, just the football and sometimes other channels so ain't that bothered. No cable in village and have BT Broadband 56MB download speed unlimited So how do i go about...