1. Martinrobert

    Does dreamplayer app / vu+ app work on zgemma h2h

    Hi guys just wonderd if any knew if the zgemma h2h will connect to android via dream player app i know it works on the 2hs just want to know if its the same with zgemma h2h cheers
  2. Buckham_uk

    Raspberry Pi 3 model b for IPTV

    Anyone have any info for this? What's it like for running IPTV compared to an android box. And if the wifi is better on one of these compared to android box of similar value. I'm not too bad with setups so quite confident I could set a pi up, if it requires it?
  3. returnofjim

    MX4 Ebay box

    Just wondering if anyone has bought one of these and what opinions are on them. I only want to stream from my VU+ box to it over my LAN using kodi on the android box. Will it be good enough?
  4. Speedygonzal

    Alexa Voice Control now works on OLD FireTV Stick

    Got a notification from Amazon today, that with the FireTV app (on phone/pc etc) I can now use Alexa (Amazon's voice control utility) on my 1st generation FireTV stick. Tried it, and it works, just like my £50 Echo dot! See
  5. KingKernow

    Smart IPTV on android tv

    Hi Don't know if anyone can help, put smart IPTV app on my Phillips android tv but when I go to the online playlist upload and enter the Mac code then the m3u press add link I keep getting a 405 page saying "not allowed" Am I doing something wrong?
  6. P

    EPG on Kodi using Android box?

    I've got my m3u file downloaded and working using the pvr iptv simple client. I have a xml link for the epg but not sure on this part. Do I just leave the setting as remote path (internet access) and enter the xml link I have? I've tried this but the guide stays blank. Any help appreciated, thanks
  7. the reaper

    How to load firmware

    Need help lol Can anyone give me the full installation guide for installing firmware on android box using usb key. Thanks. Reaper.
  8. Leigh77

    exodus problems

    hi guys, ive been using the excellent Ares build on kodi 16.1 for some time now and exodus is my go to addon for most films n tv series but ive updated to kodi 17.0, reinstalled Ares build and now exodus doesnt work?? ive tried reinstalling the addon onto the build and updating it but no joy...
  9. Leigh77

    epg url for perfect player??

    hi guys im new to iptv but i got a m3u url which i use on Perfect player on my android player but i cant seem to get the epg working. is there a general url i can use?
  10. Haroon Mustafa

    Player for Android or IOS?

    Hello, I was reading up about the new VU+ app which allows you to stream whatever's on you VU box to your phone from a remote location. Its a great feature and it allows you have 2 different channels on at once. It would be really handy for me. However, i have a ZGemma H.2s. Is there a...
  11. the reaper

    New box arriving shortly

    Latest Freesat box arriving shortly----- FREESAT GTT Android 6.0 TV BOX+DVB-T/T2/Cable Amlogic S905D 1GB RAM 8GB ROM built wifi KODI pre-installed youtube Very cool gadget----cable on a kodi box---what more could you ask for [don't answer that lol] I have tested and it works well with VM. Reaper.
  12. J

    iptv via android box

    I have a Android box and usually watch Kodi but have been thinking of getting a iptv sub with all 3pm kick offs and full sky package in HD but have no idea how to set this up any help will be appreciated thanks
  13. S

    Help me pick please (Android box list)

    Hi folks, Been doing a bit of research on android boxes for IPTV. It seems like this is the best route to go down rather than buying a mag box due to being more configurable and modern, is this correct? I have managed to narrow it down to these 3 but could use some help deciding. 1. Amazon...
  14. D

    Android Calling people in the know

    Just got the app Solid Streams. Anyone know how to cast to TV without chromecast? I've got the app bubble up but doesn't seem to work due to the choice of players in Solid Streams, maybe!? Helpppppppp! Cheers
  15. j4v3d

    Android Android overtakes Windows as the internet’s most used operating system

    Mobile is today as important, if not more important, than desktops when it comes to the internet and apps. A clear reminder of that comes with news of a report claiming that Google’s Android has overtaken Windows as the internet’s most used operating system. Research from web analytics company...