MX4 Ebay box


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1gb ram and 8gb rom is pretty much 'ancient' nowadays - the latest rk series chipset box provides 4gb ram and 32 gb rom - obviously its going to be more expensive though, I wouldn't go fr anything les then 3gb ram so the step up to 4gb might be worth considering? I was offered one direct from china for around 145 us though you can start finding them on ebay now to compare prices


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I ended up getting a 2gb/16gb quad core box. It ran perfectly fine on kodi using the usual internet addons but didnt handle the streaming from my vu+ box as well as I would have liked so got rid of it. I think it was due to the video codecs for android didnt seem as smooth as kodi on my laptop. Loking for a cheap e2 box now. I only want it to stream one of my vu+ tuners too.


My mate bought one of these via a Facebook ad. Was having a play with it and it started to smoke! He is trying to get his money back lol! I agree stumping up for higher ram is the way to go.

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