1. gary27

    Whats the best CD burning software for imac

    H all i cant find a decent one that actually works well on the imac. i have burn from app store but is bloody useless Please can you help Thanks in advance
  2. U

    New Android APP - Best I've Seen

    Anyone Else Seen this new Android APP? It look amazing!
  3. LordAaron

    Best IPTV app for iPhone?

    Anyone got any thoughts or opinions? I'm currently using Flex IPTV which is ok, but for some reason when I try and install the EPG, the app crashes. I tried GSE too but the layout is awful imo. I don't mind paying for the app but the reviews out there are so hit and miss.
  4. millerkev

    tricky networking modem problem

    hi guys/gals since switchin over to virgin from sly i have encountered some slight networking problems virmin router turned into modem mode and the changes made to my dd-wrt flashed router my own and the mrs iphone connected with no issues the h52tc playing happily away smart tv again no...
  5. ciccio_nffc

    TM 5042 M3 HD CI and iptv

    Hi Just realised I have posted this in the wrong forum I don't know how to move it so I have overwritten it and re-posted in the correct forum. My apologies to admins.
  6. Evil1

    Bouquet to m3u converter

    I was looking for a bouquet to m3u converter (without success), so I wrote one. I did however find plenty of m3u to bouquet converters. Screenshots of the bouquet(s) before and after, if anyone has any interest in this, let me know and I will upload it. I wrote this to allow me to move...