1. makido

    Iptv - script

    Ive got iptv and I have been given a script to run, which gives me all the epg and stuff. The script is for the full whack iptv, but I have only gone for the sports package. I thought I would be smart and delete the bouquets that I didnt need - bad mistake it deleted all the wooshbuild bouquets...
  2. 8valia

    Sly sports box office on VM line

    Hi Guy, I am trying to find the SBO channel for WWE tonight but cannot find it. I have ran the VM bouquets again but still nothing. I have also checked for the Prime events channels but cannot find it.
  3. technocat1974

    Annoyance enigma2

    H2s, set up a seperate bouquet for kodi, picking channels I really want to download guides for from the backend, pick to choose only 1 bouquet and name the one i've picked in the plugin, plugin error..... All i can do is go to channel manager and go through every single channel (hundreds) one...
  4. scoob197

    Recording IPTV using E2

    I have IPTV in a bouquet on my E2 box and all UK channels have EPG which I am happy with, but recording is currently an issue. If I try and record using a timer my box crashes and resets (with log) If I try and record something I am currently watching it records approx. 2 min's worth then...
  5. D

    Zgemma to Kodi

    Please, please excuse my ignorance!! I've connected my Kodi Box to my Zgemma with success (god knows how) but in the VU+ Configuration it's asking for the name of the TV-Bouquet? Where can I locate this name ? Many Thanks in advance!!
  6. H

    IPTV how to set up on H2S

    Hi all will all thats going on can anyone here post how to notes on setting up IPTV. I am at present trying to find out how to add IPTV streams to my Zgemma. I am also wanting to add the list to the bouquets with channel info if possible. My plan is to use one tuner of my H2S for fTA channels...
  7. mtpockets

    E-Channelizer 2017-03-05

    This windows tool allows you to: Manage / Edit Enigma2 bouquets Import IPTV streams Attach Picons, ID's for EPG etc And so much more! ;)