IPTV how to set up on H2S


Hi all

will all thats going on can anyone here post how to notes on setting up IPTV.

I am at present trying to find out how to add IPTV streams to my Zgemma.
I am also wanting to add the list to the bouquets with channel info if possible.
My plan is to use one tuner of my H2S for fTA channels and get a usb tuner to support saorview.
and then bring in the IPTV.
I then want to bring all this together in the bouquets.

Anyone here know how to do this. I have been reading a few posts here talking about tspanel and ftp but all have different thought on how to do this.



Depends who your subscription is with mate. We have a full guide that runs a script and adds them in as new bouquets with full epg.

Only works with our service though matey. Not sure if other providers have this or something similar.

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Hi I have installed XCplugin and my link in xc_e2_plugin.xml
Is there a way to add this to the bouquets instead of going into xcplugin.



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Found a list and noticed the info is for the ipab build
I'm using wooshbuild and cannot find when to inable the iptv bouquets
Do I need to switch to ipab ?


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Thanks dsayers2014

I read over this and still not making sense as it referrers to m3u files and this is a demo of what im using

I get to my streams from XCplugin while using a xml file like this demo one
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<username>add user</username>
<password>add password here</password>

It the list of channels in this I am trying to add to the bouquets.