channels missing

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    Lost More Channels

    I know about the sports channels being dark and a few others. However, today my box and 3 friends have all lost BBC 1 HD, ITV HD, E4. Tried to delete and update ABM (currently running 3.1) thinking it was since VM changed the channel numbers. However, that now says it is unable to tune tuner B...
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    Vm channels missing

    Hi all I know the hd sports channels from sly have gone but should I be able to find sly sport premier league or Disney channel I seem to have quite a few channels missing I just wanted to know if they was on the same TP and if so what TP so I can try a Manuel search
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    Zgemma H5 2TC no channels

    Hi all Today all of the vermin channels have gone, only channels we get are 1, 2, 3, 4 we run a scan and it finds 1300 (or near) but none can be viewed just a black screen. I know we should have used a new build of Wooshbuild (we have version6) but hubby would not do it as he was afraid we...