1. HiTecK


    Large swathes of the internet broke after an apparent problem with the infrastructure underpinning many of the world’s biggest websites. Everything from Reddit to the New York Times and the UK government’s website stopped loading around the globe, with users seeing a range of error messages...
  2. pabloescaban

    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

    Former basketball player Kobe Bryant and four others have died in a helicopter crash in California Kobe Bryant: Retired NBA legend killed in helicopter crash
  3. A

    WooshBuild Blue Screen of Death

    Hi, installed the latest Open ATV along with Whooshbuild Infifnity v10.0000, WB Config v3.201. I keep getting the subject when I try to 'Flasha fresh OpenATV . Im sure it is not just there but get it consistently when I try this. Any suggestions please??
  4. Speedygonzal

    Common Cure Suggestion for Frozen Enigma2 User Interface

    Unfortunately, none of our E2 linux boxes are 100% stable all the time. For a variety of reasons, they can freeze - which means whichever and however many buttons on the remote you press nothing happens. As a last resort, I used to reach for the power switch/plug. Unfortunately, what I have...
  5. T

    XE-Catchup and VOD issue

    I have a zgemma h2h running on wooshbuild v7. Have IPTV through xtream editor which also has VOD and Catchup. When on VOD or Catchup and i try to pause or fast forward it always crashes showing a blue screen is there any fix or any configuration need doing. Your help will be really appreciated...
  6. thebulls

    5 Sp*ke trouble

    Hi all is anyone having problems with 5 sp*ke mines is constantly crashing even after i reset the cam running open vix on a miracle twin plus box on VM
  7. W

    Box crashing mid playback of a recording

    when i fast forward a recoridng the box seems to crash got a h5.2tc with 500gb running grogs build any ideas?
  8. rapture_ni

    Box crashing when switch to iptv

    Working on a box thats crashing not blue screen but freezing and wont function at all unless powered off and back on.. It runs fta through the dish ok.. but as soon as i switch to an iptv station it locks up.. Anyone seen this or have any ideas on what way to go about it.. What i have tried...
  9. Superflyyy

    Zgemma H.2S stuck in infinite boot and crashes repeatedly

    Hi All, In a bit of tight spot and looking for help. My Zgemma h2s already flashed with Wooshbuild V6 was beginning to show signs of problems and crashes now and then, I think due to AutoBouquets plugin crashing whenever you press the info channel on any channel and showing a blues screen with...
  10. thebulls

    Zgemma on vm crashing

    Hi guys i have a zgemma h2h thats on vm and its constantly crashing internet speed is at 200mb now as i thought thats what it was but makes not difference any ideas i have done 5 boxes from the same supplier all are fine apart from this one its got the new open vix on it run mgcamd 1.38...
  11. Black-Panther

    XtreamTV Crashing - H5.2TC

    Hey, I recently got a H5.2TC running IPAB image (Setup myself) few days ago along with two cable subs and satellite. Yesterday, I setup (well the seller) Xtream TV and purchased a 12 month subscription for it. It's great, but every now and then my box crashes and goes to the blue-screen to...
  12. siilver

    Paused iptv recording crash

    when I play a recoded iptv stream and I pause the recording The box crash Anyone else have this Running Openatv 6.0 H2s
  13. jolly3434

    Windows 10 how to fix win10 blue screen error unbootable drive

    how to fix win10 blue screen error unbootable drive anyone know how or what i need to do to stop this happening? its happen twice in a month, couldnt get win10 to boot just kept relooping saying win10 had a problem and had to shut down. after searching how to try and get win10 to boot i...
  14. dsayers2014

    Openatv 6.0 ABM Crashing?

    Hi is anyone using openatv 6.0 with both sat and cable? Ive noticed something odd with crashes when doing ABM scan with sky uk as first order while on a cable channel, at first I thought it was something to do with my custommix so I did a fresh flash today with just ABM installed and this is...
  15. scoob197

    Recording IPTV using E2

    I have IPTV in a bouquet on my E2 box and all UK channels have EPG which I am happy with, but recording is currently an issue. If I try and record using a timer my box crashes and resets (with log) If I try and record something I am currently watching it records approx. 2 min's worth then...