Openatv 6.0 ABM Crashing?


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Hi is anyone using openatv 6.0 with both sat and cable?

Ive noticed something odd with crashes when doing ABM scan with sky uk as first order while on a cable channel, at first I thought it was something to do with my custommix so I did a fresh flash today with just ABM installed and this is what ive worked out:

If I scan just vm or sat as provider no crash occurs

If I scan both while on sat no crash occurs

If I scan ABM with both and sky uk is on top priority while on a cable channel I get a crash

Can someone on atv6.0 do a few scans just to check this, mainly while on a cable channel with sat uk on top as your providers order just to rule out a zgemma issue can someone without a zgemma test this as well please hopefully then we can get this sorted.

Below is a crash log if anyone can make sense of it



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Mine crashed today when doing a scan for both sat and cable channels. ATV 6

After it crashed
I did a software update, then deleted bouquets, update config file the scan. It didn't crash again.


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Did you notice what channels you was on when scanning when it crashed and you're providers order?

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Didn't notice what triggered the crash to be honest.

I'll try it again tomorrow morning if you want?

I don't have my receiver to scan every morning, I just do it when needed


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Ok, did a scan just now
Whilst on a cable channel with satellite at the top of cable.
Scanned it and it crashed as soon as it hit the cable channels.
Once it rebooted I tried again and it was fine.
Bit of a weird one that.
Im currently running the latest open ATV 6 (new flash on Saturday morning) with MIPS processor (mutant 2400hd)