1. Prim@l

    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD - £32.93 @ QVC

    Edit: try code REF10N for £10 off! Bargain! Try code: FIVE4U OR :)
  2. I

    Iptv stb emu not working 4k firesticj

    Ive 2 firesticks 4k hd both running stb emu one works fine, other wont work. Screen loads and when i select a channel will stay blank. Im using PIA VPN so ive been on at them. Tried uninstalling etc still no idea what to try anyone got any ideas? If so plz explain diff things to try thank you...
  3. Bertonumber1

    ADM (Advanced Download Manager) V11. 5.1 APK MOD V 11.5

    ADM download manager is a download manager for android devices. The benefits of this little program are functions such as resume, auto resume and smart download. This is also a great program that will let members easily download to external storage (OTG) on FireTV devices. Check here for a...
  4. E

    LTQ App not Connecting to Server

    I have a subscription for LTQ on my Fire Stick and I went to switch it on the other day and it now won't work and says "cannot connect to server". Is there any way I can fix this problem?
  5. steptoe

    HDMI to USB

    Hi, I'm looking for an HDMI to USB adapter, I know they exist, I just can't find one, lol This is NOT the same as a USB to HDMI adapter. Basically, I want to be able to use my firestick on my laptop if I don't have a TV available. Many thanks.
  6. biff2005

    TVTAP Firestick Pro v3.0 mod

    TVTAP Firestick Pro v3.0 mod Mod Details: Ads Patched Luminati Network Disabled Analytic / Crashlytics Disabled Mod By hifi2007 5.51 MB file on MEGA tested work ok for me on firestick 4k
  7. Dar1437

    Firestick Remote Batteries

    Why do the batteries run down so quick, even though i hardly use it? I want to know why :) I use my TV and Zgemma remotes every day, and they hardly ever need changing. Someone just informed me that it used Bluetooth instead of IR?
  8. R

    Anyone else been blocked tonight ?

    Cant watch iptv through provider tonight ? Anyone else through theres?
  9. C

    What to get

    Hi fellas looking to get iptv just wondering what’s best to run it on mag, fire stick, looking for something that I can move around without involving loads of hassle. Fire stick looks best option for this but would like some info pros/cons. cheers.
  10. Kuul Media

    4000 Series Buzztv ST 4000 4K Android 9 IPTV Media Stick - 2GB RAM | 16GB Storage | Dual Band WiFi | Optional 1GB LAN Port

    ARRIVING TO KUUL MEDIA | THE OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR AND REPRESENTATIVE OF BUZZTV IN UK - IRELAND - EUROPE Specifications: CPU: Amlogic S905Y2 2.0GHz, Cortex A53, QuadCore System: Android 9 GPU: ARM Dvalin MP2 RAM: 2GB LPDDR4 STORAGE: 16GB Max. Extended Capacity: TF card up to 64GB...
  11. P

    morphixtv version 1.11 Version 1.11

    Movies and TV shows in HD quality. All the movies and TV shows can be played in just One click Movies and TV shows and constantly adding new movies in its database tried it on firestick 4k and T95 max box
  12. P

    IPTV Smarters_v4.3.4 v4.3.4

    Here you go Guys And Girls updated version of smarters for firestick or andriod boxs tested it and works fine no adds enjoy
  13. V

    Stbemu firestick

    Can’t get my stbemu to load up tried on three different sticks all just black screens . I’ve force stopped it , cleared cache and it just says loading portal and then goes black and stays black , any ideas , I fear amazon have blocked the app !
  14. HiTecK

    Fire TV Stick with all-new Alexa Voice Remote £24.99 Prime members

    Prime members have a reduction on this for today £24.99 when you checkout.
  15. J

    Best android box about for £150

    Hi There what is the best android box for my budget i have a firestick but looking for a bit more power. I use IPTV On another box so that doesent matter i will be using kodi and other apps like cin**a apk and tit***um apk thankyou help would be much appreciated , J
  16. H

    StbEmu issue on Firestick driving me nuts !!! Any Help please

    Hi all, I have 2 groups from my supplier which are Football Clubs and Racing which i am having an issue with on StbEmu ? When i select anything in these 2 groups only i have to wait around 5 mins for them to show and if i try chaning media player it crashes ? Once first channel loads after the...
  17. A

    Nas server

    Hey guys I'm looking at getting a nas server for use at home for watching films on fire stick and kodi boxes etc. What is a good starter nas setup?
  18. J

    Fire stick for iptv? Waste of money???

    Looking at dipping my toe into iptv world... Looking to buy a fire stick but concerned as a lot of the apps have been taken off amazon... Is a fire stick a non starter ? Wasn't looking to spend mega money... Please advise... Also looking for iptv supplier for the usual if anyone can supply...
  19. celldweller

    Fire TV mirrororing

    Hi all Is it possible to watch a movie on one Amazon fire TV stick and display the screen to another Amazon fire TV stick and watch them simultaneously?
  20. M

    IPTV Apps/Devices

    Hello fellow Tekkers, I see alot of post about what apps are best to use with certain device so i have put a consolidated list together of all the apps and devices that i have used and tested during the last few months. What i will say i am no expert in this field i to have just learnt the hard...