1. skjom

    Netflix cheaper using VPN

    So what's the current state of play for Netflix for those that don't want to use accountbot. Can it be subbed from another country via VPN? Which country is cheapest ? Do you need the VPN always active/only for sign up? If subbing via this method - do you get that countries content , and miss...
  2. Prim@l

    Nintendo Switch – OLED Model (White) £309.99

    Not exactly a black Friday or anything special but more an item of high demand and low stock? Nintendo Switch – OLED Model (White) - My Nintendo Store 10% off if you have a Student Beans account
  3. MrThing

    FTP instructions

    Hi all, Just been told an old line is still active and I am trying to get the box back online ahead of tonights unmissable boxing! I used to have a software that would scan my network and pick up the ZGemmma but sadly I've lost it. Alternatively I could FTP but have forgotten the box...
  4. I

    Cable ZGEMMA H5.2TC - Lines and Gifts

    Hi All, I received my new ZGEMMA H5.2TC today (3 TUNERS, DVB-S2 + 2 x DVB-T2/C). I am new to the scene so will try to pick my way through the forums and guides to get me up and running. I would just like to do some experimentation before I set it up in its final configuration. I currently have...
  5. W

    Vm line needed

    Looking for a vm line thats allows multiple boxes ie multiroom. Pm me would need to test first . Thanks
  6. A

    Adding patch and gift prob

    Just installed a tm5402 and wanting to also add my gift. Tried adding patch (said it was successful) but adding the .cfg all It comes up with is "invalid txt file" I've saved it as a .cfg file called Cccam.cfg. I have internet connection and everything seems to be ok apart from adding the gift...
  7. M

    Nline Gift Recommendations

    Newbie to this but very tech savvy. Just wanting advice or any recommendations for a trusted provider of an Nline gift subscription? I have a Zgemma H2S. Cheers