1. liamt

    USB cable tuner for use on zgemma

    Hi I'm looking for a usb cabletuner for my zgemma h2s. Hope someone can point me in the right direction of am I better of just buying a h2h. Cheers
  2. Nigel Fotherby

    Zgemma H5 2s Problems

    Hi I am a new user to the cable side, I had an Openbox V8s with just the none HD channels, but wanted HD so got a twin H2s. I have had the box for 3 months and its been perfect, just starting to get some issues that are really bugging me. I stupidly did a built in update, I got told I should...
  3. S

    Zgemma star 2s vs zgemma star h2s?

    Thinking about upgrading my star 2s as my son now wants one of these boxes. If I upgrade he can have my star 2s so I just want to know, is the h2s much of an upgrade or should I look at different boxes? I've been happy with the 2s and don't need more features or bells & whistles so the only...
  4. H

    IPTV how to set up on H2S

    Hi all will all thats going on can anyone here post how to notes on setting up IPTV. I am at present trying to find out how to add IPTV streams to my Zgemma. I am also wanting to add the list to the bouquets with channel info if possible. My plan is to use one tuner of my H2S for fTA channels...
  5. thebulls

    Setting up Zgemma H2H for SLY

    Hi Guys im use to setting h2h for vm but not sly is there anything i should know before i do it and is it done the same way Thanks in advance
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  10. C

    Deep standby of death

    Not sure if this is normal but whenever I put my box in deep standby and startup back (usually next day) I get no network connection or if I do or get it reconnected I then can get the cam to restart. Sometimes restart everything works, other times of have had to flash it from a back up...