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  1. S

    New member

    Hello just bought a zgamma box have been reading stuff on this. Forum for a while before I bought it I'm ok with tech but it's always a learning experience so thought I'd sign up incase I need help or can help anyone else
  2. B

    Hi everyone

    Hello Techking members, looking forward to browsing through the forums & contributing where I can
  3. D

    Bonjour, How you doin'?

    I am Nik was Parisian but I reside LDN W2 now, I like Trains, Films, Tutorials and friendly people who can help noobies leik me! Regards Nikalous aka Nik
  4. H

    Hey guys

    Hello Gentlemen. New to the Forum, I have Vu+ Solo2 box and OpenBox V5 Many Thanks
  5. Batley boy

    Batley Boy here

    Hi There everyone, just to introduce my self, am from Batley, West Yorkshire if you haven't guessed from my title (lol), I am very new to this sort of sites, so please go easy with me.. I have just purchased an Zgemma H2H box and I need help.. thanks to all who will support in y lack of knowledge..
  6. F

    Hi Guys

    Hi All Have used some of the advice from here before and thought i would join to ask about a specific issue i am having, hopefully you guys can help resolve too. Thanks to all the Tech Kings for all the fixes you have provided over the years. Fix
  7. P


    hello all just signup to site look forward too using and maybe help few out thanks
  8. B

    Good day to you all

    Hi there I'm Christoff. A Viking type biker and music maker based in the Manchester area. I've had a zgemma hs2 for about a year. Had originally a subscription which collapsed as all did around I think it was march/April. I've had an iptv sub for a couple of weeks and then boom the football...
  9. T

    Hi everybody

    Hi to everybody on the forum.

    Kodi box users could face up to TEN years in jail
  11. P

    Fiat 500 radio code

    Hello Could you help me with the radio code for a fiat 500 please Bp nr 7648292316 Fiat nr 7354997100 Bp 829290765131 Blaupunkt Thanks
  12. D

    36 male

    Hello everyone from belfast
  13. R

    New Vu+ Uno 4k user, please help!

    Hi, Ive just set up my new Uno 4k box, however its a cable tuner and ive had Sat tuners for years. After struggling with getting my head round Oscam, ive got one more issue with not getting all the channels scanned (mainly Sd, some Hd) saying tune failed. Could anyone suggest what i could of...
  14. 0

    Just to Introduce Myself

    Hello all. Just wanting to say hello :) I am running a Zgemma H2s with IPab Image. Hopefully I wont ask too many questions.
  15. n1cks21

    AutoBouquetsMaker Help

    I am using openatv with AutoBouquetsMaker, I have swapped a few HD channels in the file "sat_282_sky_uk.xml" under the heading:- <!-- swapchannels affects main and sections bouquets. "number" is the SD channel. "with" is the HD Swap will not occur if target is not HD -->channel. \> and it...
  16. Seb81

    hi all

    i'm Seb & i hope you are all well