mag box

  1. Pacman2D

    Is it still worth purchasing a Mag Box?

    I have been using the Amazon firestick for IPTV for a while now using the iptv providers dedicated apps. While I haven’t found anything bad about it in terms of streaming and the quality, I have always liked the simplicity of the mag box layout and even the look of the StbEmu emulator on a...
  2. A

    best device for IPTV

    Ok I hope I have this in the right section, so sorry mods if I don't. After having various devices over the years and been what a little tech savvy I am looking to now get an IPTV sub for an older relative. Its has to be simple to use with a traditional type remote. So with that in mind would a...

    Mag Box 256 Abroad - 240v to 110/120V

    Hi all, I am just about to go abroad (France) and I have read before now you can pack your box (Mag256) and plug it in and happy days, but what has just struck me is the voltage difference, has anyone taken there box abroad and did it work? Appreciate any replies. Thanks
  4. F

    IPTV cuts off every morning

    Box: Mag 256 W2 Internet: Virgin 150MB Powerline Adapter: TP Link Hi Guys I've read a lot of fixes from you guys to try and resolve this issue i'm having but haven't found one which has worked as yet. So i thought i would join and ask since i'm not sure anyone else would be able to help...
  5. K

    Mag 254 keep switch off

    Mag 254 keep switch off automatically after a while and also if I switch off from remote control and switch on it doesn’t work .I need to unplug then plug back again to work please help
  6. U

    Android box with stb/perfect player or MAG BOX 254 for IPTV.

    Which is better an android box with stm emu or perfect player or a mag box 254 for iptv. Mag boxes are made for iptv but android box has more features. Which would you recommend.
  7. U

    Mag box or Zgemma h2h?

    Hello, I don't know which box to buy as Im wanting to watch all uk channels with epg and this can be done on both boxes. Currently I was thinking of buying mag box but some reviews I have read that iptv buffers alot etc. However, they say if you want to avoid that then buy cable box. So I just...