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    MAG 322 vs 324?

    hi looking for advice on the MAG 322 vs 324's? from the infomir website the only visible difference is that the 324 has 1gb of RAM wereas the 323 has 512mb. has anyone used both boxes? and if you have what is your opinion on them? thanks
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    MagBox VS Zgemma. Advice/Opinions wanted!

    hi all Have an open thread in General Chat on best options/peoples opinions on MagBox’s VS Zgemmas for use soley with IPTV sub. Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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    Advice needed! MagBox vs Zgemma & general questions!

    hi all Firstly apologies if this is posted in the wrong section - covering a couple of subjects so thought it was best in general chat! Im currently using the SmartIPTV app on my LG TV (model: 65SJ810V). App runs perfect but has no EPG (tv guide) and can’t record through it so have decided to...
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    IPTV cuts off every morning

    Box: Mag 256 W2 Internet: Virgin 150MB Powerline Adapter: TP Link Hi Guys I've read a lot of fixes from you guys to try and resolve this issue i'm having but haven't found one which has worked as yet. So i thought i would join and ask since i'm not sure anyone else would be able to help...
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    M3U url vs Portal url

    Hi, Im just getting familiar with IPTV and wanted to understand what the difference is between M3U file(url sent from supplier) to inputting a portal address(seen on Mag 256). Is one better then the other for quality. I recently used Perfect player (amazon fire stick) and used a m3u link. The...
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    Time to throw away that zgemma enigma 2 box

    Enigma2/Zgemma boxes were great for cccam but not so good at iptv do yourself a favour and buy yourself a cheap Mag box or an android tv box. Catch up tv full epg Vod....and this is just the start. Thats just my opinion.... Whats yours?
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    IPTV Help Mag Box

    Ok, shoot me down now for not doing enough research etc etc but I'm really struggling to get my head round the best IPTV box and set up!! E.g. Everyone talks about the new mag 256 which seems to be the one to have (unless advised otherwise) but I'm still not understanding how the epg works on...