Time to throw away that zgemma enigma 2 box

Enigma2/Zgemma boxes were great for cccam but not so good at iptv do yourself a favour and buy yourself a cheap Mag box or an android tv box. Catch up tv full epg Vod....and this is just the start.
Thats just my opinion.... Whats yours?


I run my IPTV sub on h2s box with full epg (set up myself) with no problems whatsoever. It's like cs never ended in our house. That means her indoors doesn't complain and I'm happy my doctor is happy and I don't need to take so many blood pressure tablets. I'm quite literally saving the NHS millions in not having to look after me. [emoji3]

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Have it running fine on a zGemma H2s. One of the advantages of keeping the ZGemma is that you can still run your FTA channels through the dish in HD with no buffering at all and have the Premium on IPTV on their own Bouquet


Still life in the old zgemma yet - I had a Edision running vix and couldn't get it to timeshift iptv even flashing it with Ipab. Bought a zgemma yesterday and it runs like a dream on ipab timeshift works and timers. Only series links don't and you have to set up repeat timers!


Won't be binning my H2s any time soon, still have a few paid channels plus I have all the kids favourite movies saved on a 1TD hard drive, also still have the free IPTV plugin for movies and box sets.


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H2s boxes are spot on for iptv. Mine runs perfectly.....just like having cs back, plus I get all the 3pm kick offs and USA channels!!


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Haven't seen any iptv that does all the uk channels
So having the sat side is still good to have

You don't have the same problems with sat as iptv

But if anyone is looking to dump. Send it my way.


yeah if you get a good provider IPTV is good though I still think its hard to beat the old sat and cable c/s just my opinion.


of course it be hard to beat the old c/s can go virgin but not every 1 has that option

but zgemma h2s with iptv fine no issues

iptv channels
fta channels
iptv player plugin

its like haveing a andorid box :)


For those guys whose iptv is working perfect can i ask what image you are using? Ive tried various providers but have had bad buffering on all of them. I have good internet, hard wired, deleted plugins etc and all run fine on firetv box. Only thing i can think of is the h2s simply cant handle or its the image im using - sucmnsee-zgemmah2s-release-5.3.0-20161018_175138. Tearing my hair out haha cheers!