IPTV Help Mag Box

Ok, shoot me down now for not doing enough research etc etc but I'm really struggling to get my head round the best IPTV box and set up!!

E.g. Everyone talks about the new mag 256 which seems to be the one to have (unless advised otherwise) but I'm still not understanding how the epg works on this box. Is it standard or customisable? Can this look like sly or is it the iptv provider that dictates the epg set up and look? Can you record on the 256? If so you need a special subscription to do this? Does it need a hard drive?

As mentioned above I'm waiting for everyone to kick off and expect me to search for hours online but honestly speaking I've looked and still not found a guide like wooshman etc? Help.... I get the subscription side, it's just use ability I'm after and ease of set up as have wife and kids!!!

Thanks in advance.

P.s from what I was reading about the 256 there are meant to be loads of clones so how do I avoid this???

Help appreciated


The provider sets the build and layout. You don't have any options on that .
Recording is also permitted or not by your provider .but if you get it to work please tell me how cos I've tried all ways.
The EPG is the same. Some providers are fairly good and some just don't have an EPG at all.
One other thing to note is beware when paying for subscriptions.
I paid for 12 months in April and it's been blocked for no reason for the last 5 days.
No replies from the provider. No explanation at all. This was a major company on the Web not a 1 man band reseller so my advice would be never pay for more than 3 months .
Good luck