1. C

    Zgemma H2H Issues

    Hi Guys, I hope everyone is keeping well. I know this has been asked a million times but after hours of searching through forums I am giving up and asking the question. So I was having issues with my image (no pause or record function) so decided to flash to a new image (Open PLi 7.2) apart...
  2. G


    Oright people av installed wooshbuild a really liked it etc bit then a installed atv 6.3 on its own installed a few plugin . then installed abm 3.1 from the plugin menu from system plugin but when you use the plugin it onlky gives you option to select region so ive set my regiong tae glesga bit...
  3. D

    zgemma H3.2TC grogbuild - unable to activate cam

    Hi Guys. I have a zgemma h3.2TC which was previously running ipabtv but just updated to the latest Grogbuild via Openwebif terminal after problems with ABM not updating channels correctly. Everything is set up, (tuners, net ID, bouquets,skin) etc and I am able to receive FTA (for what is...
  4. S

    What line to go for?

    Hello guys First up can I just say you all do a sterling job. Have got so much useful information from here for a complete newbie like me so thanks so much for that. :thumbsup: Just wanted to ask a question regarding lines. I can see the request thread and what people are asking for and it's...
  5. E

    2nd line not showing up

    Hi, I'm on latest openvix. I have an N line for cable which works fine. I'm tryin to add a second N line for satellite but it's not showing up when I go into Softcam - > Cccam info - > Servers. I've tried rearranging them but no change. Even if the server was down, I'd expect to see it in...
  6. s3d121

    Trouble getting line active

    Hi, Could someone help with an issue i'm having. I have a CWS test line and when I place the CWS line in the keys folder in newcamd.list with mg_cfg I get a 'no new ECM info' using mgcamd_1.38r1 with the softcam panel v2.0.
  7. CJ1988


    Hello everyone i've just a done a image flash on my box, but when i try and download mgcamd 1.38 it says failed to download enigma2 plugin, perhaps you need to run opkg update. Can i use mgcamd 1.35 instead of 1.38. thanks.
  8. A

    Cable Mgcamd installation

    Hiall I only have ccam on my box but want to change my lines and the people i want to use only do mgcamd. Is there somewhere i can download the mgcamd siftcam and also can someone advise me on how to install it on tomvox. Thanks in advance for any help