1. L

    Swapping receivers.

    Hi all, I would like to ask a simple question: I have a motorised systen, with a VU+ Zero 4k, and it works quite well. When I replace the receiver with a Zgemma h9.2S, which has exactly the same settings, should it not pick up a signal and work in the same way?
  2. C

    LNB Skew on Motorised Dish

    Just occurred to me whilst looking at motorised dishes that I don't know how the LNB skew is correct for different satellites. How does LNB skew work on a motorised dish? Does the LNB somehow rotate on the end of the dish or is it fixed in place and the whole dish rotates as well as following...
  3. G

    Best options for Euro TV - motorised? Opening channels on Enigma2?

    Hi all Just moved house and looking to install a motorised dish. Watch a lot of Euro TV and radio for my work: music/arts/culture etc. Previous house had 3 LNBs covering Hotbird, Astra 1 and Astra 2 - quad cable/diseq feeding Freesat BDR/HDD and Technomate TM-7102T, patched to open, for...
  4. B

    Motorised Dish not moving via remote

    Hey guys, Have had a motorised setup for years but only recently has this problem started. My motor is not moving via the remote control like it always has done. Have seen the motor and the green light is visible. As well as this, I have reset the motor and moved it to 0w. So the motor being...
  5. T

    0.8w thor

    Is there alot clearing on this satelite? I have been thinking of moving my 80cm towards it. anyone have any info to share about channels and content like sports.
  6. thomaskieron

    H7C and Technomate TM-2600M3 motor

    Is there an issue with using H7C and a TM2600M3 powering a 1.2m dish? Both my H2H and H5 will work the motor no problem. I've tried two H7C boxes and neither of them will power the motor. All Tuner A settings are the same on each box, so should all work the same?? Cheers Kieron
  7. Halopenos

    Motorised or multi LND

    Hello, I am looking to install a motorised dish in my house and I’m struggling to find someone providing that service but there is someone who would set up a dish with 3 LNbs as I need to connect to 3 satellites (19.2e, 16e and 28.2e) but was wondering if that is a viable option which wouldn’t...
  8. grog68

    motorised or fixed multi lnb with multiple boxes

    I'm thinking about playing with multisats. I know most of the obvious questions have been answered but here are a few I haven't seen. 1. I have a pole fixed to the back of the house with an old CB (who remembers them) antenna fixed to it. If I wanted a multi sat set up would it worth fixing...
  9. Deanavfc

    New dish help

    I have a sky q dish which I'm planning to reuse later for 3 bedroom boxes. I'm struggling to understand what kind of dish I should get for my main box downstairs. If I go with a motorised dish will I be able to get much benefit from it? I'm not really sure what the minimum requirement is for...