1. Riley24

    HD51 4K Mutant Flash issues

    Hi peeps My box decided to crash this morning and wouldn’t reboot So I tried flashing new image with open atv & vix, but just says no partition The only image I can flash is openpli which I don’t like lol Does anyone know how I can flash atv or vix over openpli Thanks in advance
  2. jazz

    HD51 4K Latest Willowbuild on Mutant HD51?

    I have just received a Mutant HD51 receiver and I would like to put the Willowbuild image on this receiver. On my previous zgemma this was easy to do using a usbpen drive. The latest Willowbuild is carried out online, the installation states that: YOUR BOX MUST HAVE A NETWORK CONNECTION AND...
  3. S

    Newbie with mutanthd51

    Hi guys I really need some help please. I'm a newbie and am looking at the mutanthd51 as it seems that comes recommended and meets my requirements with regards sat input and IPTV. I've been trying to look for a beginners guide on how to get it all set up but either I can't find one out there...
  4. Willo3092

    HD51 4K In-line power switch for Mutant HD51

    These are a good alternative to pulling the plug when trying to power off the HD51. It's just a power switch that fits between the power cord and socket. DC 12V Inline Switch Cable On/Off Rocker Switch DC Jack 5.5mmx2.1mm Male to Female Connector
  5. Apeman

    Are My Cables Set Up Correctly Please??

    Hi, I've been a member for sometime, but I'm by no means as clued up as most of you here when it comes to these digital receivers. Bangord is my main man and been an absolute star and right now we're struggling with my initial set up. I have the VM splitter and an attenuator in the back of my...
  6. Willo3092

    Mutant HD51

    Anyone want to swap their HD51 for my Zgemma H7C? I've given up on ViX ever being released for it.
  7. BeardedKing

    OScam help

    Hey all, I have a new box (Mutant HD51) and I need help setting up OScam as this box only supports this cam. Could someone help me with what files I need to load onto t
  8. W

    IPTV beware of this seller cryptv

    Just a heads up, keep clear of provider in video selling subs , he is a conman. If this post does not belong here please delete , I just want to warn folks and hopefully save them from becoming scammed.
  9. Q

    Display Date/Time on Mutant HD51-4K front display

    currently the box displays which channel i'm viewing on its front panel display anyone know how to get it to display date/time instead of channel ? im running oppenvix latest image with Vix-Night-HD skin regards Qvic