1. W

    Newcamd issue

    hi guys looking for info took a trial for a new backup line. Provider is getting this issue when i am connected on his panel. Newcamd (unknown please report) any ideas whats causing it thanks
  2. A

    newcamd on tvheadend

    my current setup is a hauppauge solo hd usb tuner connected to my pc (ubuntu) running off a virgin line. I have scanned for channels and found the ones i want. However, i am struggling to decrypt them under the 'CAs' setting. the nline is in the form 'server port username password 01 02 03 04 05...
  3. A

    Vm nline pre-requisotes

    I have an active vm broadband line with a splitter to connect to the tv box aswell. I have cancelled the tv package. My question is - do I need to be paying for some form of tv package so the nline can be used on a dvb-c receiver? In other words is just having a broadband package enough?
  4. X

    OSCAM issues on VU+ Uno 4K SE

    Hi All Im in need of some desperate help, I'm a newbie - have done a lot of reading to try and sort this on my own but have now admitted defeat and hit a brick wall. I have a N/CWS line for VM and have a VU+ Uno 4K SE box running the latest version of Vix. I have installed OSCAM and converted...
  5. D

    ITV HD Cache Server Freeze ?

    Anyone else experiencing a little bit of freeze on ITV 1 HD ?
  6. vicflange

    Cable newcamd on H7C

    I'm quite new to this, and this is probably a much discussed issue, but after much searching and trying I cannot find a way to run a newcamd file content on the H7C. I have tried converters, tried copying and pasting the information into the oscam file, but nothing works. Am I wasting my time or...
  7. K

    Cable Zgemma H2H With WooshBuild. Getting 'Bouquets Maker - Cannot Read Data' error.

    Hello. I was sent a test line. In the email there where two files. One is a CCcam.cfg and the other is a newcamd.list. The problem is I'm getting an error when scanning for channels. All the settings seem fine, I'm using Code: Belfast - 00012. I've tried both CCcam and newcamd but keep getting...
  8. F

    How often does the newcamd.list file get checked?

    How often does the .list file check for a live connection..? Only asking as I have a test running on my H5.2TC at present and I am about to test another line from a different user, I renamed the existing newcamd.list file sat on the box and I haven't uploaded the new .list file yet.. All...
  9. B

    Zgemma Star 2S Newcamd.list file missing on Wooshbuild Install

    I am a newbie at this so pardon my ignorance. My provider had me mucking about a bit and so I decide to install a new build to see if my freezing issues got sorted. I tried to FTP in to back up my files, but none of the default settings worked. I finally gave up and noted down the CWS lines...
  10. M

    Nline Gift Recommendations

    Newbie to this but very tech savvy. Just wanting advice or any recommendations for a trusted provider of an Nline gift subscription? I have a Zgemma H2S. Cheers