nord vpn

  1. deejayh

    IPTV with XE using NordVpn

    Hi Guys, Have done a few backups previously, but since adding VPN through XE, and using a server within NordVPN, then doing a backup - it takes an age to complete. First part is fine, but then I get thousands of pages, where all I can see is NordVPN.... Looking at the...
  2. P

    Zgemma H9T - XE VPN

    Hi all, I have a zgemma H9T box and with all of the isp blocks going on today, I've decided to add VPN to my box via the XE VPN plugin. I have VM internet. I've added my NordVPN credentials and it says VPN is connected but I dont seem to get any channels while the VPN is connected. With the VPN...
  3. celldweller

    Nord VPN compatible router

    Hi all I am looking for a router that will allow me to use my Nord VPN account. Going by the NORD VPN website it advises me to use an ASUS router for a simple setup. However, what is a simple setup compared to what would be the best setup? At the moment I am using a TalkTalk standard router...