nord vpn

  1. E

    Nord VPN on Zgemma H2s

    Hi folks, bit of advice needed. I have Nord VPN on my Zgemma H2s and have set it up on XE VPN. I’m struggling to get the speeds needed for IPTV. Without the VPN the Speedtest shows 50mbps, however with it on it’s dropping down loads to about 12mbps. I’ve tried quite a few different servers but...
  2. W

    Zgemma VPN Problems.

    Hi guys, I have a zgemma h9.2s I’ve hit a brick wall in regards to getting a vpn onto my box. I’m running whooshbuild infinity on there I’ve tried the digibit and xtream editor plugins to use as VPN’s and even tried a openvpn manager but every time my details are entered (I have a digibit &...
  3. deejayh

    IPTV with XE using NordVpn

    Hi Guys, Have done a few backups previously, but since adding VPN through XE, and using a server within NordVPN, then doing a backup - it takes an age to complete. First part is fine, but then I get thousands of pages, where all I can see is NordVPN.... Looking at the...
  4. P

    Zgemma H9T - XE VPN

    Hi all, I have a zgemma H9T box and with all of the isp blocks going on today, I've decided to add VPN to my box via the XE VPN plugin. I have VM internet. I've added my NordVPN credentials and it says VPN is connected but I dont seem to get any channels while the VPN is connected. With the VPN...
  5. celldweller

    Nord VPN compatible router

    Hi all I am looking for a router that will allow me to use my Nord VPN account. Going by the NORD VPN website it advises me to use an ASUS router for a simple setup. However, what is a simple setup compared to what would be the best setup? At the moment I am using a TalkTalk standard router...