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openbox v8s

  1. L

    It is posible change firmware on op3nbox v8s

    Hello lot of time ago I found on Chinese site about change original firmware to different one it is possible openbox v8s
  2. W

    Newbie, saying hello

    Hi All Really glad i found your forum as it does look like the place to be and all seem so helpful and friendly, even to newbie members. So, I used to live with my wife and 4 children in Germany for many years. I met my wife whilst I was serving in the forces. We used to have a satellite...
  3. J

    Xtreamcode V8S

    Does anyone know whether just by extracting host url, user and password from an m3u link and entering those details into the xtreamcode app would work?
  4. S

    Openbox V8s - HTTP Server Error

    Hi, I'm stumped with an HTTP Server Error every time I try to update the firmware via the network. I'm connected via ethernet and status shows as active with lights flashing on rear of openbox. I can't get anything related to internet working apart from one of the Internet TV Christian Religious...
  5. H

    Where to find IPTV m3u line for Openbox v8s

    I want to know where I can find IPTV m3u for Openbox v8s. I tired one on my Openbox but it didn't work, It just had a black screen with 0 kbps on the side. I tried everywhere. Where do these people get IPTV from?
  6. Black-Panther

    Zgemma H5.2TC - Colors HD Missing!

    Hi guys, So yesterday, my new Zgemma H5.2TC arrived and I excitingly unplugged my old Open Box V5s which was running for years and switched it with the new box. I set it all up, with both cable and satellite and had the help of a splitter to connect to router. Flashed the box with IPAB, got a...
  7. A

    how to program a open box v8s remote

    hello, I am a new user on here and would just like to know how to program a open box v8s remote. As the original remote has stopped working and I have bought a new remote off eBay.
  8. E

    Issues with sports channels on openbox v8s

    Currently using a v8s openbox and use it mainly for sports (particularly bt). However, I'm having problems even getting the channels on and when they do come on they buffer and freeze - any suggestions?
  9. Y

    Openbox V8S -freeze problem

    hi, recently I purchased Original Openbox V8S ,And I am dealing with the freeze problem on menu From time to time. Does anyone have a solution?
  10. N

    Openbox visit help

    So I had a n line for sky channels and I know that sky have encrypted alot of there channels so won't get any back. So my question is, does anyone know how I can access all the channels with another line please. Killing me not be able to access the kids channels for my little one and the movies.
  11. S

    Openbox V8 problems

    I've had the openbox v8 for a while now. I had no problems with any of the channels. Till recently, a few channels went missing like sky Atlantic and other channels. They are just blank when I switch to them. These channels have been missing for a few months. A few days ago all my sky channels...
  12. KGH0210

    Looking to upgrade from openbox v8s

    afternoon all , Looking to upgrade my openbox V8s box , ,currently have a very realiable iptv line and sat line from the helpful users of this site . Currently run the iptv on my firestick . Looking to join the two together so was wondering about an advice and sellers for a box that does...
  13. S

    is iptv on openbox v8s possible

    hi, is it possible to get an iptv m3u line working on an openbox v8s, if so how do you do it if I got an m3u line off an iptv server what are the steps on putting it on an openbox v8s if its possible
  14. M

    Network test for iptv

    I have seen a app on this forum somewhere to test my internet to see if its strong for iptv Its a bit like ookla one but give you a rating My openbox keep freezing I have vodafone 80mbs
  15. T

    one Openbox v8s scrambled the other one works ok on the same line.

    Hi, I have two Openbox v8s and one is connected straight to the router downstairs by Ethernet cable , the other one is upstairs and is connected by ethernet and runs through Tp-Link plug. They both run on the same code/line that i bought from a multi-room supplier, which i have been in touch...