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oscam for openatv

  1. Fared

    HD51 4K Oscam help!! At wits end.

    Hello, I had to reflash my box and have flashed OpenATV. I have setup both tuners and scanned - all good. I can't get Oscam to work. I have tried loads of different ones been through all the forums, have 25 browser tabs open right now, been at it since Friday and at my wits end. When I did...
  2. dangerous

    Oscam for ATV

    With all the newer receivers now only taking oscam and the shenanigans lately with audio issues / mgcamd I thought I would bring this thread back to life. I can't take the credit for this guide as gmangt4 is the original author but I've just updated it. If you require a softcam feed ipk file...