1. M

    SoftCams non-existent in Openpli

    Hi, I'm using an OpenPli image running on the Zgemma box and I cannot see the "SoftCams" in the downloadable new plugins menu.(see photo attached). Does anyone know how can I get it/ see it? From a photo on a tutorial (how to install CCCAM plugin) I can see I should have the following...
  2. dsayers2014

    Jedimakerxtream guide pdf 2020-02-23

    A detailed guide for setting up jedimakerxtream on enigma2 to create iptv bouquets
  3. dsayers2014

    I had a tutorial plugin and doc 0.5

    Plugin and document for creating enigma2 plugins along with a pdf for learning about python
  4. dsayers2014

    E2tools (beta) Home of dsayers script plugins

    E2tools 0.01 beta This will be similar to whats already in my H2H zeggy help scripts (without image down loader) but should be able to use on any image/build. The plugin will be called E2tools you will have options for E2Tools Scripts, Autobouquetsmaker, EPG Import and CrossEPG. E2tools...
  5. O

    Necessary Plugins to be downloaded ?

    Hello guys, What are the most used plugins that should be downloaded and installed on Zgemma H9S image OpenATV 6.2 for picons, skins, epg.... Note: The box will mostly uses Youtube, CCCAM/OSCAM, and IPTV. Regards,
  6. R

    Zgemma H2s missing plugins

    ok so my zgemma h2s has been playing up so i have had a lot of help off some very helpful peeps off here, i got it somewhere near and tried to do the rest myself as not all plugins had come back on wooshbuild, i thought i had backed up the settings before i flashed the box but apparently not...
  7. S

    ZGemma Auto Refresh IPTV Plugin.

    I was wondering if their is a plugin that refreshes the iptv channel stream if it stutters for a second because if it stutters for a second it goes blank and I have to go up a channel and come back to the channel to get it to play again. Many thanks. ZGemma Enigma 2
  8. RDF

    WN832N and other wifi adaptors.

    Hi My wifi adaptor is a TP link WN823N using RTL8192cu (1.0-r3) driver. I was running VIX ver 5 with my wifi adaptor working fine. I upgraded to the latest VIX and tried to download the driver for my wifi. It is no longer listed in PLUGINS. Lots of TP link and other wifi adaptors use this...
  9. 15080322030871416599290


    Zgemma,h2h,softcams, plugins,
  10. RDF

    Wrong wifi driver in plugins.

    Hi I am thinking about IPTV so I flashed to the latest Vix and my wifi lan stopped working. I went to plugins and downloaded RTL8192CU driver (1.0-r5), the wifi adaptor is shown but will not work. The last few times I have flashed I have downloaded RTL8192CU (1.0-r3) and the wifi has worked...
  11. W plugin

    Hi looking for the link to the plguing for movies and that on the zgemmas. Had it on a Few boxes but cant find it in the plugin list on my new box. If anyone has a link for the apk file that would be great thanks
  12. K

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend et8500 tv show pluggin

    Hi is there any plugin addon etc for tv shows for this box like exodus so i can watch my fav tv shows?
  13. Fire551

    Move iptv channel list

    Hi I have a zgemma h2s running wooshbuild.. I have added xstreamtv plugin to watch my iptv sub.. is it possible to add the channels from my iptv to my listings so I can use them as everyday channels instead of going into plugin each time... Thanks in advance