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set up

  1. J

    ZGEMMA h.2s duel tuner config needed

    Hello i have a zgemma h2.s my tuner keep dropping out each time it's turned off. When i try and do a scan it advises there is a tuner config issue. Im running wooshbuild 6.2ATv Does anyone know what the correct config is for a duel tuner zgemma h.2s is please
  2. A

    Cable H3.2tc not showing cable option on wooshbuild infinty

    Hello I have a new H3.2tc and have tried to flash the woosh infinity build on in. I have got to the screen where it asks you how you want to use your box. Satellite, cable, both or IPTV except I only get the option for satellite and IPTV no cable?!! I selected the satellite option to see...
  3. S

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 Set up issue

    Hi, some help needed if possible. just got a new ET8500 pre loaded with openvix, 1 sat tuner 1 cable. as i have cable in my house, i set it so the c tuner is only connected. have go through this set up Guide How set up an E2 combo box with vix image but when i scan i am getting no channels, i...
  4. C

    Zgemma setup help

    Hi everyone, So I'm having an issue with my box. After having the audio desription issue and reading online the only cure seemed to be flashing a new image to the box. Ive just finished flashing my zgemma h.2h with the latest openvix image and had to set the box up again which I think I've...
  5. ellobee

    Streaming from Zgemma to Firestick

    I am having a problem streaming HD channels from my Zgemma H2s to Kodi on my firestick, I also have Plex setup on my firestick and I can stream HD channels from a Plex Server without any issues so I know the firestick can handle HD streaming, so I was wondering if there are some settings in Kodi...
  6. Deanavfc

    New dish help

    I have a sky q dish which I'm planning to reuse later for 3 bedroom boxes. I'm struggling to understand what kind of dish I should get for my main box downstairs. If I go with a motorised dish will I be able to get much benefit from it? I'm not really sure what the minimum requirement is for...