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    Help changing media player (IPTV)

    Hi OK folks I have a query - i am setting up IPTV for a mate who doesnt know about any of this stuff. I am running IPTV on my miraclebox - it works a treat and i have the bouquets set up with list of channels as well as movies the provider has on. On my mates star 2s the normal HD and SD...
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    Zgemma Star 2S Newcamd.list file missing on Wooshbuild Install

    I am a newbie at this so pardon my ignorance. My provider had me mucking about a bit and so I decide to install a new build to see if my freezing issues got sorted. I tried to FTP in to back up my files, but none of the default settings worked. I finally gave up and noted down the CWS lines...
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    Zgemma star 2s vs zgemma star h2s?

    Thinking about upgrading my star 2s as my son now wants one of these boxes. If I upgrade he can have my star 2s so I just want to know, is the h2s much of an upgrade or should I look at different boxes? I've been happy with the 2s and don't need more features or bells & whistles so the only...