1. D

    IPTV Able to watch all countries except for any USA channels

    Hi all, I have an android TV with an IPTV app directly on the TV. The main channels that i would watch from my IPTV subscriber are the Irish, UK and USA channels. All was working fine for the last 2 years until about a week ago. One evening last week i changed channel to USA movies which i...
  2. gosnis

    Have prices gone up since the issue?

    My 12 month sub just expired, the provider now only offers 3 months, the price works out double. Is this the norm now?
  3. S

    Mag-322 Better alternative to MAG box?

    Hi everyone, I was just about to buy a MAG322 off bay with 12 month sub. But after reading about the blocking I am not sure. Is there a better alternative? The seller also had a TVIP Sbox 501 which he recommended but i cant find much info on this. ISP is vermin. Thanks
  4. grantdavey91

    iptv sound

    hi all new to iptv sub but familiar with e2 just using a iptv trial sub, why does iptv not have dolby digital, all hd channels as well as sd only have stereo sound...its 2018!! is there any suppliers that do offer dolby digital sound or if its not a thing yet, is there any way to force e2 to...
  5. W

    Looking a motorised dish

    hi guys looking at possibly getting a motorised dish. Have a couple of zgemma boxes will i be able to use with this? Basically looking at the process of how it works what control the motor on the dish. Also where i get a sub to cover the multiple satellites. Can i have more thab ine box running...
  6. ellobee

    VM ROI Suppliers

    Can anyone from ROI tell me if there are still VM ROI suppliers out there and if so whats the service like and average price
  7. D

    Changing IPTV provider (Smart IPTV)

    I obtained a sub for IPTV earlier this week just to try it out really and run it through Smart IPTV on a FireTV. The problem is that the provider's service is a bit crap. The channels that are on there work mostly, including the HD ones, but there are no channel groups, some channels are...
  8. blainemufc

    Sub or zgemma/firestick

    Want to test iptv on firestick, also iptv on the zgemma is there way round it without having windows pc only have a mac
  9. I


    Can you get Subtitles on this??
  10. C

    Using Iptv on multiple devices

    I was wondering if you can use Iptv on multiple devices at the same time. I have it installed on 2 smart tv's. I wanted to put it on my zgemma h2s box too. However I heard that zgemma boxes are Mac locked to one device only or something... How true is that? And is that correct
  11. Deanavfc

    New to iptv

    If I buy a mag 256 box, what do I need to do to get channels on there? How do I get a subscription?