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vu+ solo 2

  1. D

    iperf plugin?

    Is there an iperf client or server plugin available anywhere at all?
  2. L

    Vu+solo2(Wooshb7) recording every channel i zap

    Hi all, 1. somehow every program i browse ends up in my recordings and my storage cant handle it any more. can i disable this unwanted recording somehow. :( 2. Can i bulk delete the recordings ive amassed :( 3. My recordings look like 2 programs overlapping and having a fight with each...
  3. W

    Adding IPTV to VU+ Solo 2

    Hi all, Go easy on me as I am self taught and have used this site or googled the vast majority of what I have done so far. I have a VU+ Solo 2 box with Cable tuner and have a great Virmin provider. I have been trying to see what else the box can do and recently tried adding IPTV to the list of...
  4. T

    VU+ Solo 2, Wooshbuild - No channels

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand VU+ Solo 2. The plan was to use it for free channels/recording. I've hit a blocker and can't work out why its not working. I've plugged sky cables into the vu+ and installed wooshbuild (v7). I get the channels back on the epg, but no picture/sound. It says...