Adding IPTV to VU+ Solo 2


Hi all,
Go easy on me as I am self taught and have used this site or googled the vast majority of what I have done so far.
I have a VU+ Solo 2 box with Cable tuner and have a great Virmin provider. I have been trying to see what else the box can do and recently tried adding IPTV to the list of bouquets using E Settings +, having downloaded some test m3u files from the internet. Followed all the instructions fine but when the box rebooted, I received the "Getting Event Info Failed" error message.

I've since restored my previous settings but want to have a go at getting 3pm kick offs and Fox Sports (used to love that from my Kodi days).
If anyone has any advice on how to set up IPTV I'd really appreciate it. Or, any other programs/plugins that I could use instead?

As a separate issue I've also been playing with adding a VPN to the box as I have a sub with CyberGhost. Have also been unsuccessful doing this so if there are any VPN masters out there let me know.


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Iptv is a very easy task to do,E settings+ is an older way to add iptv these days,As for using free m3u file i would not recommend them as they tend to only last a few days at best,Post in the request section and get a free trial,You will be inundated with people offering services so read post 1 and stick to the guide and you will be fine


I have a cyberghost VPN subscription, unfortunately I could never get it to work on my solo2. I ended up getting a PIA sub which works brilliantly.

with regards to IPTV, if you already have a subscription you can use XCplugin which is pretty straight forward or autoiptv which is a better solution but a bit more complicated to set up.