1. N

    Best replacement for zgemma h2h

    Hey all. Need some help movin with the times. I have 3 zgemma h2h. I run my satellite saorview and IPTV off it. Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement that will run satellite saorview and IPTV. What is new boxes is out there or maybe new version zgemma?? Tha
  2. W

    H9.2H SE OpenATV File

    Hi All, Just recently acquired a ZGemma H9.2H SE which is going to replace a Formuler F1, which decided to fail last weekend (completely dead). However, upon attempting to reflash the box to use wooshbuild, I am unable to acquire the correct flash files from OpenATV as it is only giving me...
  3. S

    Satellite New flash, slow box

    Hi My H7s started crashing at weekend and became unusable. I struggles to get it to flash but eventually manages it via the blue button and online flash, and then set up using wooshbuild. Since then it feels slow to use, channel zap is slow and overall just seems sluggish. I've looked at...
  4. J

    Audio Described Programmes Enigma 2

    Hi guys On my sat channels i am getting Audio Described Programmes on some channels sometimes such as Channel 4 BBC etc where a narrator talks over the programme im running wooshbuild with auto bouquets making my lists, does anyone know how to turn this off would really appreciate any help...
  5. S

    Wooshbuild/ATV - catch up TV

    Hello, Is it possible to get catch up TV to view recently aired programmes on BBC, ITV, Discovery, etc., similar to Sly? There is a search option I found but it only searches the current EPG and doesn't allow to view recently aired programmes. Is this possible, or is there a way I can install...
  6. S

    Epg data missing or poor

    Hi, Using wooshbuild on a H7s. EPG data seems poor with generic descriptions of programmes, or no descriptions. Have I missed some changes as EPG data used to be quite good? It is set to update every morning with EPG importer. Any help appreciated.
  7. C

    Cable ZGEMMA H7C Stops recognising HDD

    I am using ZGEMMA H7C running OpenATV Wooshbuild 7. Recently I am running into a constant problem. My H7C suddenly stops recognising external HDD. It automatically changes all recording folders and Mounts from HDD/Media/ to /dev/sda and the Only way is to unmount HDD then re initialise HDD...
  8. S

    Satellite H7 SOFTCAMS GUIDE

    Had issues with box and had to restart, and having the exact same issues with softcams as i had a few months ago. reading the last few threads on here it seems that there is still confusion over this box being ARM and what to use. ive tried: downloaded softcams from resource and installed...
  9. S

    Cable Help flashing

    H7c, wooshbuild infinity. Been running for a few months problem free until I get the recurring”WB” symbol every 30 secs, that stops everything working. I got no replies to this in whoosh section so am trying to flash my backup. My stick is formatted etc correctly but no matter how I try, I...
  10. F

    Images Backup Image File firmware for Zgemma H5 Only - OpenATV 6.2.0 (27-01-2019) 2019-06-15

    Backup firmware image file with Whooshbuild Infinity for Zgemma H5 Only This has already got Softcam for Ccam & NewCamd & Oscam. You will only to setup to your NetID & Softcam details to get this working System OE: OE-Alliance 4.2 Firmware version: OpenATV 6.2.0 (2019-01-27) Kernel /...
  11. NKidd_14

    Zgemma h2h help -00- green light

    Hi, sorry I’m new to the game. I got a Zgemma H2H and installed wooshbuild v7 yesterday. Today I’m getting the following error -00- with a green light. Can someone help please? (Sorry if this is an easy fix or if it’s already answered, trying to get used to the site)
  12. NKidd_14

    Zgemma h2h help -00- green light

    Hi, sorry I’m new to the game. I got a Zgemma H2H and installed wooshbuild v7 yesterday. Today I’m getting the following error -00- with a green light. Can someone help please? (Sorry if this is an easy fix or if it’s already answered, trying to get used to the site)
  13. M

    ET 8000 HD Et8000 openatv

    Wanted to get woosh to run on my xtrend that has been running vix. I downloaded openatv 6.2 but it remained stuck on flashing. Strangely there was no 6.1 available for the et8000. I tried 6.0 which has worked and woosh running fine but can’t understand why 6.2 doesn’t work. The et8000 is still...
  14. S

    Trouble getting IPTV to play through 4G using a 4G Router

    Hi, I bought a 4g router to play the zgemma through, as i live in an area with terrible internet (sub 2mbps). The IPTV will try to play through Broadband fine, but when the zgemma is connected to the LTE router it just refuses. A laptop connected to the 4G Router can play the IPTV using VLC...
  15. foxer7


    Hi guys the other day I updated my zgemma box with to infinity using openwebif worked a treat I then went to do the same thing on the mother in laws box the exact same box but when I open the browser the option terminal is not there ? Any help would be appreciated cheers
  16. imzy

    Software update

    Hi Guys, I have an H2H box with the infinity wooshbuild, if I wanted to do a software update would that mean I would have to flash it again. also does the new infinity wooshbuild updates itself?
  17. G

    All VM channels black, EPG is populated

    Hi All, I'm really struggling. I came back from holiday to find all my channels were blank?? I'm running a Zgemma H5.2TC, I contacted my provider who assured me everything is running correctly at his end. I've flashed with open ATV 6.2 and then Wooshbuild infinity and re-added my line but still...
  18. foxer7

    infinity on zgemma hs

    hi there its been a couple of yrs since I flashed a box. Im trying to get infinity on my old hs the wooshbuild download sends me to http://images2.mynonpublic.com/openatv/current/index.php?open=zgemmahs where I have 3 options to download for my box so i try all unzip files and put on a formatted...
  19. K

    Noobie - Virgin zgemma help noobie first post

    Hi everyone i could really use some help please :)? Thinking about cancelling vm and keeping only the broadband service , i have seen some posts around here saying you can split the line coming in and feed the router with one and the zgemma with the other cable. 1- does this give me all...
  20. Blizzard17

    Wooshbuild IPTV Bouquet Maker - Help Please

    Hello I am looking for help on how to access the expert settings on the IPTV Bouquet Maker looking to change the TV stream Regards