zgemma h9s

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    Hi I need to know how to update image on my h92s zgemma
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    all4one plugin download open atv 6.4 Zgemma H9S

    Hi All, Where I can find the apk to download this plugin on my H9S running Openatv 6.4? I know it is there in Grogbuild free range but struggling to install that on my box for somereason. Would rather use stock version of ATV and install the plugin myself.
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    Zgemma help for a newbie

    Hello all, I was wondering if somebody could help. Basically, I bought a fully loaded Zgemma H9S box, and I can't seem to get any channels to play video/audio. They appear, and the EPG works, but the channels itself don't actually play. I live in a block of flats which have communal internet -...
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    ZGemma SleekView - Clones?

    I bought a "SleekView Zgemma H9S Enigma 2" from Amazon: SleekView Zgemma H9S Enigma 2 IPTV Ultra HD 4K FTA UHD: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics The FreeSat picture quality was abysmal. The HD Channels looked worse than SD Channels on my old Sky box. Even the TV guide/menu system didn't look too good...
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    Two subs on one box

    Hello, Got my first zgemma box and it appears to be running fairly well. Got Freesat and IPTV showing. Just got a couple of issues that some guidance would be great on. My provider has given me a suls E2 generator to get my script from to load my sub onto my box. This works fine. However I...
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    ZGemma H9S | Help | 'Error - Tune Failed' | OPEN ATV 6.2

    Hi just got a zgemma H9S this week with OPENATV 6.2 and the issue is when i am trying to scan a satellite by simple, advance, automatically mode its always showing Tuner failed. Please help me to give a proper step by step solution to scan a satellite. will be very thankful to you. Thanks