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ZGemma SleekView - Clones?


I bought a "SleekView Zgemma H9S Enigma 2" from Amazon:
SleekView Zgemma H9S Enigma 2 IPTV Ultra HD 4K FTA UHD: Electronics

The FreeSat picture quality was abysmal. The HD Channels looked worse than SD Channels on my old Sky box. Even the TV guide/menu system didn't look too good - lots of pixelly edges etc.

It has been returned. Good thing about getting stuff from amazon is the no-quibble easy returns.

I've since found this post on here that indicates that these boxes are clones: Zgemma Zedo H9S

Is there any merit to this? I don't know what to do now; should I get one directly from ZGemma?
Am I right to expect FreeSat picture quality as good as my SkyBox or should I lower my expectations?


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World of Satellite is good too!! they will even extend the flash for a small charge!!