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Anyone listen to Trance,House,dance, techno?


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lol we are not allowed to shoot in our clubs, we get jumped on by the coppers


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havent kept up with it in recent years, but if its on the radio/ twlevision i will blare it and sit back and enjoy. not too wise as i am a bus driver and thats where i listen to radio.:willy nilly: ACEEED, Bloww that whistle


Thanks for the replys guys- I know over in Europe and the Uk it's more mainstream then here in the U.S. But I'ts getting more popular here. People either love it here in the U.S. or they don't have a clue. Took some photos of ATB* Last weekend- he's one of the best D.J.'s in the world- Check out his music-He was really awesome! here's the pics:

ATB And me
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yip i love trance music. the lastest dave pearce and clubland cds are brilliant
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my niece was away seeing tiesto at the secc last night. she got into the vip bit. she said it was fantastic.


yeah cant say i know a lot of his stuff unless its on the clubland cds. might download some of his cds. my niece said the pyrotechnics were amazing. she hadnt paid for the vip bit so was over the moon to get in there lol.