anyone selling a Edision OS MINI


was going to buy a Zgemma H2S but only to find out the sky dish doesn't work so going to go down the route of the edision box


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cause the sky dish doesn't work and you need dish for the zgemma box, might be wrong, so going cable route yes


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ok mate you can buy box with both option sat and cable in 1 box

or cable only depends on your budget

do you have a live vm feed in house
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i very much doubt anybody be selling their cable edison box as they are good and you read here?

single up to multituner boxes if you wish.

yes i no been reading up on them, thats why am going down the route of the edision box for cable over the zgemma box,

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there are some good boxes out there

but depends on what you want to spend

i have between £80 to £150 to spend on a box


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Ive setup several zgemma combo & Edision combo boxes recently....Edision is my prefered box for cable in the lower price range