Eihab Hala

for the experienced ones I have so many questions and you really have to pair with me. I can do all your valuable instructions as you guys will guide me to. First I will add it in points so it would be easy to answer all of them or some of them if you will. I have an Enigma2 Box MD920 UHD Box. Thank you.
1- to add and remove or hide channels. What is the good way? is it buy using a service like an xtream editor or is there a better way?
2- what is the good way of having my channels on the box updated while this edited channels are being hidden or removed without having to edit them again?
3- How to add subtitles to the IPTV?
4- what is the best way to connect to my box if I am using MacOS?
5- In general where to go If I am new to all of this Enigma2 thing?
6- how to get the full potential of my box anyway of course in the region of IPTV?
7- is it ok to use the xtrem editor if so the pro version or the standard because the prices are the same for 20 credit and I will only have one playlist and that is 3 credit for a year so I can use it yearly with that credit without having to resubscribe for another year in the standard?
8- how to add different parental controls with rating in general or add two different passwords one for adult content and the other one for other movies and content that I don't want my kids to see?
In general, I would like to know everything so just push me guys to the right directions.
Thank you
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