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Update from e2istream group

Please read Carefully

For those that have listened and have understanding of what I and the rest of my family are going through I personally thank you for your support and understanding.

Sadly, there are still people who demand, contact me with rude comments and all the other crap which results in next to zero work on this project - I understand that some will argue that I am making others suffer because of some people... sadly, those "some" remove my motivation.

This crap was the main reason I closed the discord server which was a great thing to have - its just a real shame it was spoiled.

I do not want any further people added to this group - you will slowly see the member list get shorter and shorter as we clear out a lot.

The next release you get from me will be english only and all other sections will be removed.

If you want to continue having other sections I suggest you switch to this where you have 3 repo options for updating:



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On their page I saw several idiotic comments saying the plugin is dead as CM isn't updating it, endless fix this...fix that demands & an unnecessary string of abuse over a free pl;ugin that isn't working as well as those ungrateful demanding gits want it too so I'm not in the least bit surprised CM hasn't been working on it. On the upside CM has said he will be updating the English portion of the plugin at some point so not all is lost (I customise the plugin to English only anyway)


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It is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for anybody to abuse a developer of any plugin and even more so when that plugin is provided free of charge !
It is also, at least to my way of thinking, unacceptable to complain about any free plugin.

However, I feel it should be acceptable to discuss what is and is not working within the plugin and also to wonder if the plugin is going to be updated .
This can all be done without personalizing or being derisive towards its author.

There is a big difference between the two and the danger/problem is that not all people appreciate that difference.


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I'm a FB member! It's full of twats moaning about this is not working and can you add this and that, More he has done the more they moan and ask for more!!
It's free ffs


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The guy seems to be going through some personal family problems as it is, then he gets all sorts of crap and abuse from the ignorant in grates, so its no wonder he feels the way he does, good luck to him ,and his own and his familys health and wellbeing is number one priority, as long as he knows that it is the minority that is giving the abuse and the majority of users of the E2istream plug in really appreciate the work, time and effort that he has put in, a big thanks to him for all his work and an awful lot of people will miss it big time when it does eventually stop working for good. thankfully the members from this forum are not amongst the abusers.


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Has he 100% confirmed that he will stop working on the plugin?

Will be big loss as was good VOD for enigma boxes from what has been said on here.

But his and family's health is what should come first. This plugin is trivial in the grand scheme of things.


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Personally don't use it anymore was and will be a great plugin to use just a bit coincidence how it's gone same way sss went with the plugin fair play to him for saying what he has he has every rights too no matter if a free plugin paid plugin vod will always get moaning fcukers who spoil it for the genuine people