EPG Importer Not Working

yes it prompts you for that but i dont use wooshbuild but i bet this will work fine on there too. I feel a bit stupid now something so simple i overlooked.


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In one of your posts you mentioned wooshbuild, most backups and guides give instructions for setting up storage device as internal flash isn't big and you risk filling up storage. Glad you're sorted though.


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that's what your supposed to do anyway use a hdd not your internal flash if you would of said that you were saving to internal flash memory in your earlier posts we could of sorted your problem out right away i
Well this is very interesting, ive reflashed my box with open atv 6.2 ive not put wooshbuild on ive not even installed e2mu3u2 plugin ive ran my script and installed the latest epg import plugin. Put chabs sky q skin on then imported my epg works perfect. All integrated into the skin.Kept it as simple as possible.
So if any members are having issues with there epg not displaying in there preferred skin try the above. My box runs very well too, :):emoji_(y): The good thing is this will work on any enigma2 box too. As long as it can support OpenATV 6.2. I will try adding my line through the iptv bouquet maker latest version see if that will display the epg too.
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my epg importer has only just stopped working a few days ago. Been sitting tight hoping it would fix itself. Iptv provider says all ok there. Epg works on xcplugin etc, not my STB e2 ( Vu solo 2se ) anybody else still have issues?

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Thanks. My provider has my box now. He said its a suls problem. Over my head so I let him sort it. Thank you for the reply :)

Likely due to the changes in epg importer meaning you need to be running at least v0.7.6 of Suls. The epg importer log (menu within epg importer) should show the issue