ESPN now on UPC!


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I see that ESPN channels have just been added to the channel listings on my box a few minutes ago here in Dublin. They were in strange positions but resorted themselves after 5 minutes to correct positioning. Happy days! :dance:
And we have Setanta Ire also so we'll have a load of football to watch!! Bring on the prem!(y)
My cousin bought 2 from dvbmonkey for £49 had. Thats what they're selling them at. I don't have a credit card cos I got rid of it a while ago mate sorry. Had dk1.1 on it also. They included the F-connector and composite leads also! And they're genuine. Have to say I'm very happy with their service! I am not connected in any way by the way with this site just letting you lads know in case anyone thinks I'm pushing people their way (y)

Oh and quick tip, we ordered them normal post but they sent by DHL anyway! Saved him the extra cost!
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I'm actually starting to worry slightly now though that Eurosport 2 says on epg there is beach football on but screen blank. Fingers crossed they haven't launched the new espn and eurosport on n3 alone!!
ya just seen that thats new aswell euro2 was not there before

am getting all the espn except classic and euro s 2 they will come in id say there still working on them
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Was a satellite channel I watched some pre-season on in my girlfriends.
Guess we'll know this evening what the story is. Fingers crossed!