OTHER ET10000 Network Problem


I have an extrend et10000 box with openvix on it...

Been having massive problems with my broadband which they traced to a short in the street..

However I now have a problem caused by the box...

I have to keep flashing with the newest build but it only lasts about 3 weeks before my internet starts dropping out causing all our devices to stop working including the TV and iptv..

If I do a speedtest the download stays steady at 112mbs but the upload is strangled and drops out.. if I unplug the cable from the box the internet comes straight back.

Somehow the box is throttling uploads or just gobbling data..

Anyone had this or know why its happening??

Was going to ask if you were using mgcamd as previous issues with setup you could be doing a ddos to yourself but that was years ago and would imagine you are using Oscam.
No conflicts on ip address on your boxes and any open ports on router?
yes, using mgcamd
Using virgin superhub 3 .. how do I check for open ports?
every time I flash the box with the new image its ok for 3/4 weeks then suddenly goes off.