1. cactikid

    ET 8000 HD Client mode error

    Putting my 8000 back into service but unable to get client mode to accept its IP from it to use on the Vu Zero. My Gigablue Quad was there and used it with client mode on zero. I have double checked IP is working on the ET as downloaded plugins NFS and Samba and both running. Forgot i had to...
  2. coozer

    Networking Issue?

    I have a fairly straight forward setup as follows.. Vm router, incoming 400mb internet.. .0.1 Then a WRT vpn enabled router which is .1.1 most things are plugged into this or I use the vpn enabled wifi... I have a cable from 1.1 going to my pub shed in the garden, its 55m long.. the cable is...
  3. M

    Suitable data cabinet

    Was hoping to pick up a cheap one on gumtree but looks like I'll have to order one online. Im at a loss on size i need. Ive got a 16 port switch, 16 cat 6 cables Ive got a hikvision nvr, 4 cat 6 cables Hdmi matrix 4 cat6 cables Surge power 6 gang Satellite receiver WWhat size of unit am i...
  4. Bertonumber1

    Fing Network Monitor IP Finder Android 2021-12-05

    Fing is a completely free Wifi management application. It possesses a lot of convenient functions for you to easily manage the devices that are accessing your Wifi. Include: See if your home’s Wifi has been hacked or is it safe. Check if there are hidden cameras in the motel or wherever you...
  5. noddyrams

    Home WiFi and network

    Morning all, after some help and advice please on my home network. So currently my main router is plugged in to my house phone master socket which is in the halfway.... I Ihen have a powerline adapter from there to my living room at the back of my TV which I have a 5 port switch plugged in...
  6. Jerboa

    Hard drive recommendation for a NAS system

    I have a netgear Nas system with 2 x WD 3tb drives, which I've had for some time now, looking to either replace them for larger drives, or buy a new Nas with more drive bays, looking online for compatable drives, at 6tb or 8tb, but from reading some reviews on amazon, they have negative feedback...
  7. coozer

    OTHER ET10000 Network Problem

    I have an extrend et10000 box with openvix on it... Been having massive problems with my broadband which they traced to a short in the street.. However I now have a problem caused by the box... I have to keep flashing with the newest build but it only lasts about 3 weeks before my internet...
  8. N

    First time building nas

    Hi everyone, hoping you can help advice before any money gets wasted The plan is to setup a Nas on a vessel accross 5 floors with up to 30 people at a time able to access. Everyone needs to be able to access wirelessly using either phone/tablet or laptop. Ideally downloading files to watch...
  9. Andy Mcd

    Network Camera / Security Camera

    Hi Can anybody recommend a good network camera or security camera. Looking to be able to see who is approaching the drive way at the front of my house. Ideally i would like to view it through my phone or laptop when not at home
  10. H


    HI There ive paid for XTREME EDITOR Modified my playlist inputed my EPG URL Aswell then linked it to my ZGEMMA BOX But no EPG Then i looked at EPG assignement it isnt reading anything off of my EPG URL Picture below . Any help would be appreciated .
  11. A

    Nas server

    Hey guys I'm looking at getting a nas server for use at home for watching films on fire stick and kodi boxes etc. What is a good starter nas setup?
  12. G

    Ipleb network connection issues

    Hi, I have a problem with my Ipleb running on a VU+ solo2 box. It keeps dropping it's network connection. Firmware updates have been run but no joy. The problem can't be my home network or ISP as i also look after the same software and IPTV provider for my mother inn law and brother inn law...
  13. S

    WiFi not turning on

    hi I’m trying to resolve an issue my father in law is having with his laptop. His WiFi won’t turn on to find any wireless networks. Can anyone help. His got windows 10 installed Please see pic of make and model number. Thanks
  14. D

    NAS or PC Server ?

    I'm contemplating starting off my own home plex server. I'd also like to take use of HRTunerProxy on my VU+ and have the ability to stream live TV via my E2Box through my home server to any of my away from home devices. So the NAS or PC Server will need to be capable of transcoding (so I...
  15. grog68

    problems streaming from 1 box to another

    I have 2 enigma 2 boxes, box 1 in the living room has a 1tb hard drive where all recordings are stored, we only record on box 1, box 2 in the bedroom just has a usb stick for epg etc but also has a network mount pointing to the hdd on box 1 so we can go to bed and watch recordings made on box 1...
  16. IMG_20180208_185230


  17. dsayers2014

    Using OpenVPN on VM Hub 3

    Has anyone managed to setup OpenVPN on enigma2 on VM 3 router? I have tried several VPN,s and every time I start OpenVPN I loose internet connection on box, I managed to setup OpenVPN on BT years ago on my old Zgemma Star 2s when I was with BT but now im trying with Virgin it fails I loose...
  18. G

    Home Network Setup

    Hi, Not sure where to really post this, but kinda is featuring TV so here goes....... I'm looking at 'future proofing' my house..... and remember a few years back going to a home building show at the NEC and came across a stand called 'Single point networks'. Basically one custom designed...
  19. G

    Future Home Setup.....

    Hi, Not sure where to really post this, but kinda is featuring TV so here goes....... I'm looking at 'future proofing' my house..... and remember a few years back going to a home building show at the NEC and came across a stand called 'Single point networks'. Basically one custom designed...
  20. 2017-09-14 11.03.44

    2017-09-14 11.03.44

    Network Log