euro satellite installation...



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i have iptv, cable, 28.2 fixed and a 1m motor.

the arc is limited from the uk to european sats pretty much nless you are going bigger for the african ones.

i honestly cant see why anyone bothers any more when iptv provides a lot more,

unless youre anal about watching german tv in 4k or miss france as close to live as you can?


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There are some that would rather use motorised ahead of sat, I have an iptv back up, but i still look for the euro sats on a saturday afternoon for the 3pms if theres a good game on, if theres not then I will just flick through the iptv, I suppose its ok for the ones that already have a motorised system in place, as at the end of the day, it cost decent money to get it up and running, but I get your point for anyone thinking of going down the motorised route could try and get a good iptv provider first to see if it suits their needs before shelling out for a dish and motor, etc.