Heinz - Enigma2 catchup plugin


Cant get this to play anything , seems to be set up ok but when I try to play anything I get the black bar and the timer but nothing actually plays
What do you have configured for Service type and Stream type? Could also be a provider issue, does it behave like that across all the catchup channels on your provider?


Hi oottppxx,
My Heinz-Plugin under Enigma2 stopped working Saturday (I only installed two oder Plugins: "E2-IPTV-Server" and "EPG Youtube Trailer", then I noticed that the Heinz-Plugin behavier is like Jakeywinebottle´s: Only BlackScreen and Time-Bar but stuck at "0". I then updates Heinz to recent Version and removed the Plugins "E2-IPTV-Server" and "EPG Youtube Trailer" again, but no luck. Still Black Screen and Time-Bar but stuck at "0". I tested CatchUp of my Provider in my Smartphone, there it´s ok. But not in my Heinz-Plugin on my vu+.
The Debug-Log of Heinz Shows only:
Current stream[ 1:0:19:2B66:3F3:1:C00000:0:0:0:http%3a//portal.geniptv.com%3a8080/******/******/2550:ZDF FHD DE +CatchUp ]
k: http://portal.%3A8080/player_api.php?username=******&password=******&action=get_live_streams&start=99990000000000 + 18147
k: http://portal.3A8080/player_api.php?username=******&password=******&action=get_simple_data_table&stream_id=2550 + 1742149
Now playing CU: 4097:0:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a//portal.%3a8080/streaming/timeshift.php?username=******&password=******&stream=2550&start=2019-09-08%3a08-15&duration=9000:[Hz] Bares für Rares
adjustCUCallback called...

Can you say, what is the Problem? I can send you the URLs including Username&Password via PM if you want.
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I'm not sure you can mention providers here, but according to that log, Heinz is working fine. It's either a provider issue or a box issue playing the stream (or something in the network inbetween).


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Your naming a provider which is not allowed it's to do with your providers portal and player try a reboot of box and router


Just to let folks know that Frenchs, Heinz, and McDonnells plugins were updated to revive VAPI - it's currently used by a new provider on the block. XCAPI still supported as well, of course.
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