Hewlett Packard, a plague a all your products ...

I made the mistake of buying an HP laptop, more specifically an HP Envy notebook.

Looks nice, comes with Bang & Olufson speakers built in, happy days right?

Oh there is just that small issue of the fact it has to be plugged in for the internet to work. I always thought a pre-requisite of a laptop was that it was able to work while not plugged in? Apparently not according to HP.

Is there any fix for this? I can get it to work by turning the network adapter on and off, but surely it shouldn't drop out the way it does constantly?

Needless to say I now will never buy anything HP again.

Any help appreciated, thanks.


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I have this laptop but only time its plugged in is when requiring to be charged.
HP ENVY 13-d008na Laptop, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 13.3", Full HD, Natural Silver


since you bought it have to updated the drivers for it there may have been a network adapter software issue,also drop outs could be signal strength from router,worst comes to it if you just bought it send it back for repair, do HP use UK or Asian support lines ? sounds like guy you spoke to knows diddly squat


I know I'm late on posting.

Assuming it's Windows 10, try going into the Performance and Power section to make sure there are no power saving options which flicks the wifi off to save on some battery when not plugged in.

Otherwise this sounds faulty, weither it be a software or hardware fault.. I'm not sure. Either way you'd have grounds for a replacement or full refund.